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Buster's Catch Coming Soon! - 306 Designs

01-30-2012, 04:13 PM
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Buster's Catch Coming Soon! - 306 Designs

Busterís Catch Preview #1 Ė Description and Gameplay

Busterís Catch, the new release from 306 Designs, is heading into its final stages of development. Time to release some information!

Busterís Catch sees the return of Buster, our loveable bird character introduced in Busterís Flight from 306 Designs. Also previewed in Busterís Flight (if you made it that far!) was Bandit, evil brother of Buster. The two birds have been enemies since childhood with Buster always doing the right thing and Bandit taking the evil approach.

Busterís Catch finds Bandit on a mission to cause havoc and destroy all of the bird eggs across the land! It is Buster who steps in to try and save the day, strapping on his basket and making sure that Bandit doesnít have the last laugh.

Featuring an unlimited number of increasingly difficult levels, Busterís Catch is much more than a simple egg-catch game. In addition to regular game play, which will be previewed in depth below, the game also contains multiple bonus games, a unique ranking system, and a marketplace that allows you to unlock new costumes, settings, multipliers, and other things for Buster to help you on your journey!

Think you are completely alone on your journey in Busterís Catch? Not a chance! The game features a global leaderboard that allows you to see how the best players from around the world are doing in the game. As well, there is a global egg counter in the game that keeps track of how many total eggs Buster has caught around the world!

Stay tuned for in-depth updates to all of the features listed above! Busterís Catch is scheduled for release in March 2012.

Here are some images showing some of the game play features for Busterís Catch:

Beware! Bandit will try to drop decoy eggs that you must never catch in your basket. Be sure to smash them with your finger or let them drop to the ground beside you!

Some eggs that Bandit drops have special letters on them.

Spell out the word ďBusterĒ with these special eggs to earn the right to play special bonus games.and earn more points, lives, and perks for Buster.

Stay calm and cool as the difficulty goes up and you deal with more challenges!

If it does become game over for you, check out how your game stats went.

Unlock new costumes for Buster and brag to your friends about your current setup.

[Developers note: Feedback about the game would be great. I want to take input and ideas from friends, fans, and developers and make the Busterís Catch the best game it can be.]

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Buster's Catch - Coming March 2012
02-06-2012, 10:14 AM
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The development of Buster’s Catch is almost complete! I’d say that the game is about 80-85% finished. Most of the main features have been implemented, tested, tweaked, and polished up. Among the things left to finish up are the in-game music and one or two more bonus games to add to the ones already implemented in the game.

Today I wanted to preview two features implemented in the game that I am excited about. The first is feature is the leaderboard page. As you play and rank up in the game, your scored and stats are saved and tracked. In Buster’s Flight and Number Jumper, only your top score was ever saved within the game. This meant that you were always trying to beat your best score and nothing more. This goal all changes in Buster’s Catch! As you can see in this screenshot, your top 10 scores are now saved and tracked. And instead of simply keeping track of the score, you can now battle with friends and family on your iPhone and iPad to try and beat each other!

Next is an extension of the leaderboard within Buster’s Catch. One of the features that I wanted to place into Buster’s Flight was a global leaderboard. However, the way the game was built, this wasn’t possible. That’s all been taken care of in the new game! Now, every game you play is tracked by the global leaderboard. Not only do you get to see your own personal bests, but the scores of the best around the world.

With the leaderboard implemented and tracking correctly, the next feature I would like to talk about is the marketplace. Mentioned in the first preview of the game, the marketplace is where you get to truly customize the look and feel of Buster’s Catch. Within the marketplace, you get to customize Buster’s outfit and basket. As well, you get to unlock a higher score multiplier, a brand new setting to play in, and even more that I want to keep secret until you play the game. Check out how the marketplace looks:

When you are finished customizing the look of your game, simply start a new game and check out how your changes take effect:

The great thing about the marketplace is that the possibilities are endless. There is already a good core set of styles to unlock in Buster’s Catch, but there will be more styles available in future, FREE updates to the game.

Hopefully that’s another good preview of what to expect in Buster’s Catch. The game is still on track for a March release in the iPhone App Store. Let me know on twitter what you think!

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Buster's Catch - Coming March 2012