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Game developers wanted for Gamerholic high score arcade

12-15-2012, 06:20 PM
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Game developers wanted for Gamerholic high score arcade

We are looking for game developers to plug in the Gamerholic high score arcade into their games. It's the modern arcade.

The process is really simple. You the game developer thinks your game is worth being played for $0.25 each time.

The objective for the user is to set the high score. Each time another gamer fails to beat their high score, they earn 50% of that $0.25.

So as long as you have the high score you are making money.

Go on a win streak and earn a bonus prize. Break a win streak and earn a prize.

Game developers earn 25% each time their game is played in the high score arcade.

Adding our format to your game is very easy as well. Make a call to a url, https://www.gamerholic.com/gamerholi...i_v1.php?user=[Your Developer Id]&key=[Your Key]&gameid=[The Game Id]&action=authenticate

and get a JSON response that looks like this:

{"token":"664c9052d2e1z538fc26c5f250628fd2b","play _fee":"0.25","servertime":1355333439,":highscore": ",
"prize_streak":"30","play_time":"3","win_streak_pr ize":"$15 Cash","current_win_streak":"0","win_streak_break": "0",
"win_streak_break_prize":"","high_score_holder_nam e":""}

it's that easy. Try it out with our simply simon says game. https://www.gamerholic.com/game_play.php?game_id=12

Post any questions to our FB page please facebook.com/gamerholic