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App description: Bath Time is a Physics Simulator to entertain the minds of those ages 2 ~ 6, with Realtime 3D graphics, physics and playful funny sounds, now it can be Bath Time, anytime!

With the release of version 1.3, we have introduced an overhauled play mechanic:

- Ducks
- Wind-up Frogs
- Apples
- Octopuses
- Tug Boats
- Rare items (comedy poop!)

Kids can turn these items on and off, creating their own play scenarios. Each item has it's own interesting mechanic and sometimes items react to one another. For example; the Octopus love Ducks, so they use thier suckers to stick to the Ducks. Tapping the Octopus will free them from the Duck.

Other elements of Bath Time can be manipulated or changed, such as making ripples in the water, water height, bath design and so on. Every effort has been made to make Bath Time interesting as a free play "virtual toy-box".

Bath Time is a Universal app (meaning you only need to purchase once for all your devices)

Highly recommended for parents with iPad and kids ages 2 ~ 6.

Make any time Bath Time!

hawken king's comments:
Introducing my new app, iBath, a mesmerising 3D bath physics simulator for young kids!

Kids can play with toy ducks, move them around, hear them squeak, select from a range of camera views, play with the water etc. Kotaku.com made this the app of the day on release, however in 1.2 I've made the entire app heaps faster for older devices and introduced various features like L.O.D. (lots of ducks).

App is UNIVERSAL with extra features for iPad2 / iPhone4S ($0.99 / 69p price range)

02-02-2012, 04:09 AM
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And here's what to expect in iBath 1.2.1 - almost unlimited ducks!