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App description: Join the unlikely pair of a Gorilla on a Gondola as they embark on an entirely original quest through mountains, deserts and space! Navigate both the silverback and the ski lift through danger and collect as many of Gorilla's favourite snacks as possible.

What the press say:
"Gorilla Gondola is a fast, mesmerizing action-puzzler among the best on the iOS. [...] The worlds themselves are composed of hand painted, multilayered masterpieces [...] I would be remiss not to mention the soundtrack as its truly exceptional." - HUGEGAMER.COM, 9/10
"Ive used the phrase 'drop dead gorgeous' to describe iOS games before, but now I realize I should have reserved that description for this one Gorilla Gondola is the best looking 2D title on the platform right now, hands-down. [...] controls are perfectly suited to the platform and its tilt physics feel just right." - IFANZINE.COM, 4/5
"Gorilla Gondola is charming and refreshing [...] from visuals to sound design, the quality certainly stands out." - GAMEZEBO.COM, 4/5
"Despite the extremely simple controls, there is so much to this game! [...] Crisp visuals, great artistic design, smooth frame rate, no pixelation, awesome music. [...] If you want a fun, challenging, and fresh game, check out Gorilla Gondola!" - WMPOWERUSER.COM, 5/5
"Gorilla Gondola is serious fun [...] the superb graphics, innovative controls and music you won't get out of your head make the game a surprise hit - and maybe a future iOS classic." - IPLAYAPPS.DE, 8/10
"Gorilla Gondola adds a fun variation to the runner-mechanic, sort of a 'swipe & jump' game. The graphics show high production values, and you won't get the 80s-pop title track with its "Go, go, go, go, Gorilla!" vocal out of your head." - GAMERSGLOBAL.DE, App of the week
"Gorilla Gondola is a quality release, with responsive controls, good graphics and energetic music. The gameplay feels fresh and there's definitely skill involved with bouncing the gondola through the tight spots." - TOUCHARCADE.COM
"The game convinces us due to its innovative scenario and the well-conceived controls. [..] Gorilla Gondola is a different kind of game, which makes it well worth the money." - APPFLUSSREINIGER.DE, 3/3
"The Electric Pixel Factory have created an intriguing title here, and one that I think you should all try out." - ALLABOUTWINDOWSPHONE.COM, 81/100

Jump, stomp and tilt your way through a variety of ever-changing action packed levels, collect powerups and use your skill to get high scores in this high energy, action-packed, bouncy adventure. You've never played anything quite like it!

* 8 Stunning levels that will never play the same thanks to a dynamic level generator! Take Gorilla & Gondola to places they have never been before: Alpine meadows, caverns, snow-capped mountains, big city lights, underwater, scorching deserts, a high-tech factory and even space. Each level offers unique gameplay and challenges.
* Fluid controls. Gorilla Gondola makes full use of your device's sensors. Swipe to control Gorilla, tap to interact with items and tilt to sway the gondola.
* Beautiful hand painted art. Gorilla Gondola delights the eyes with colourful, detailed sprites and multi-layered backdrops.
* High energy soundtrack. Every level has its own theme tune to tap your foot to.
* Huge high score grabbing potential! Skilled play is rewarded with massive bonus multipliers.
* Full Game Center support including high scores for each level, overall stats and 24 achievements to bolster your gamerscore!

Gorilla Gondola is great fun for all ages, simple enough to be played on a short break, and deep enough to reward those that master it.

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Go Go Gorilla!

Echoseven's comments:

02-01-2012, 06:27 AM
Hell Yeah! This and Reckless Racing 2 are definitely the Games of the Day.

02-01-2012, 06:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Sanuku View Post
Hell Yeah! This and Reckless Racing 2 are definitely the Games of the Day.
Totally agree! Graphics on this look amazing, cant wait for your gameplay vid

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02-01-2012, 07:05 AM
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Looking forward to seeing your vid Sanuku, this looks great.

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02-01-2012, 10:10 AM
Game Impressions

02-01-2012, 06:38 PM
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Had a look at the video but I'm just wondering how Gorilla dies - not clearing obstacles in time or what? Just wondering where the challenge comes into it beyond gaining multipliers.

Graphics look lush and gameplay rather fun but I do want some modicum of difficulty to be there.
02-01-2012, 08:04 PM
02-01-2012, 08:31 PM
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This games looks amazing. I can't wait for midnight to strike. Please post the iTunes link asap.
02-01-2012, 08:38 PM
Hello Zendorphin,

just realised we never mentioned dying anywhere - but you are right, being pushed off the screen by not clearing obstacles costs you a life, as does hitting instant-death objects like mines and lasers in later levels.

Trust us, Gorilla Gondola gets quite tricky as you progress. If you can clear the last two stages Orbital and Factory you're doing rather well indeed. This is not one of those type of games where you eventually end up killing yourself out of boredom
In fact we're thinking about putting an expert-playthrough video of some of the more hard-as-nails parts of the game on YouTube in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

We'd like to think we've created a game with a rather balanced difficulty curve, easy to pick up but once you truly master the mechanics your score and progress throughout the game will truly take off.

Hope you will enjoy it
The Electric Pixel Factory
02-01-2012, 09:53 PM
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After some internal debate, this is what i get... buying now.... impressions soon