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App description: Killing zombies and traveling around the world. What else do you want?!

The zombie apocalypse has finally arrived and the future of the planet is in your hands! From New York to New Delhi, youll have to shoot, freeze, burn and explode these hungry for brains creatures that have one evil objective in mind: Taking over the world!

Come up with the best tactics and build up your own strategy, counting on grenades, bazookas, dynamites, flamethrowers and ice extinguishers to help you out. Youll need them if you want to fight the undead army, commanded by a dreadful zombified general in his tank!

If youre brave enough, Town Defense: Zombies will entertain you with...

Multiple weapons - Grenades, flamethrowers, bazookas and much more!
9 different maps, from cities all over the globe!
Challenging boss (the zombie general!) and minibosses (the zombie troops!)
Tower upgrades Start with a pistol... Improve to a deadly machine gun!
Fight against a variety of zombies (including famous ones!), all pixel art designed
Exciting Soundtrack (from Samba to Polska!)
Game Center integration
All the fun that smashing zombies can bring!

Wear your helmet, put your combat boots on and answer this: Are you ready to save the world?!

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biancamol's comments:
Would you like to travel around the world? (Say yes!)

Do you like zombies? (Who doesnt?)

Would you like to smash them with bazookas, machine guns, grenades and much, much more? (Yes, yes, yes!)

(And all that while you listen to Samba, Polska, Classic Rock, Techno Wait, is it a night club or a game? :P)

If you said *yes* to all these questions, I have good news: Im talking about Town Defense: Zombies. Yeah. Undead and mean creatures that are hungry for brains.

It is a Tower Defense game, that takes place around 9 different cities of the world. The towers? Well, they have to shoot, burn, explode and freeze the zombie army, counting on grenades, bazookas, dynamites, flamethrowers and ice extinguishers to help them out.

Now you can get it, for free, here:


And for $0.99 here:


Have fun!