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iPhone: Zep's Dreamland

05-11-2009, 01:23 PM
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Zep's Dreamland

.iTunes Link ($0.99)

Zep's Dreamland is a port of the free PC/Mac version and seems to be a similar game to the upcoming Toki Tori. The aim of the game is to build the blocks in front of your character to get to the exit.

The Game Features:
- Over 100 levels in total
- 50 classic levels
- 51 iPhone-exclusive levels
- Progress meters
- Automatic saving


Full Description:
An addictive and challenging block-building puzzler where you control the cute little blue character, Zep, and help him navigate through an obstacle-filled dreamland.

Use Zep's magical power to create or destroy blocks in order to help you change the landscape and reach each dream's exit. Easier said than done! Zep's abilities are powerful, but he can't build things wherever he wants. The dreamland is filled with dead-zones that prevent Zep from being able to conjure up blocks. These, and many other obstacles will block Zep's path.

It's up to you to determine the best (and sometimes only) way to get around them in order to help him wake up.

Challenge yourself against all 50 original Zep's Dreamland levels, as well as 51 brand new iPhone-exclusive levels for beginners and veterans alike!
It seems like a pretty good game for $0.99 although I haven't tried it out yet. I have tried the PC version and I recommend that people do try this version before buying the iPhone version, just to get a feel for the game.

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07-23-2009, 11:05 AM
Ok, so I've been playing Zep's dreamLand for a little while and I'd like to share what I think.

I'd describe Zep's dreamLand as a puzzle/platformer. The worlds are reminiscent of SNES platformers, and Zep has to make it to the red exit in every level. The obstacle here would be that Zep cannot fly, Zepp cannot jump, Zep can only walk left and right. He can also fall. So, to make it to the exit instead you have to use your dream power to create blocks. You can create up blocks by swiping up to elevate Zep, and you can also create down blocks to plug holes as well as level blocks to walk over. You can only draw dream power at certain points, I can't create blocks while standing on one, while standing on one of the red dead zone blocks or while in tunnels, so there is definitely more strategy and puzzle elements involved for anyone thinking Zep is simply a platformer that animates jumps as blocks. This is not the case.

I've been having a very good time with Zep. The game is very attractive in a throwback way. I find it to be very beautiful and it authentically looks old school. Zep himself is a simple and odd looking blue creature with big white eyes and red shoes, so he's a unique character that fits the world and gameplay nicely. There's a difference between a cheap looking game and a simple looking game, and Zep comes off looking like a simple throwback game and not a cheap mess of regret, so knowing one person did all of this, a tip of the hat is in order.

The controls are very simple, touch left to go left, touch right to go right, and swipe in the direction of the block you want to make. Want to make a block to plug the gap in your path? Face it and swipe. Want to create a combo of blocks to get distance and then travel across? Swipe left, then swipe up. You can also erase your blocks by standing on or looking at them. Your goal is to make it to the red exit portal. There will also be teleports that you can play around with.

The game has 101 levels broken up into categories. The categories are Classic Levels, Forgotten Dreams, Deeper Sleep and Cakewalk, and they all have a different look. I'm playing them in order so I can't say how different they each play, but I'm sure they all mix it up somehow. The resume feature will bring you back to where you left off, or the load game feature allows you to pick by level and start off from the beginning. There are also options to go through the tutorial whenever you would like and to contact the developer within the app.

Zep's dreamLand is a great puzzle/platform game that seems very polished and thought out. Given the fact that it's priced at only $0.99, Zep's dreamLand is certainly a bang for your buck. From the tutorial, which is broken up into several pieces and is very, very thorough, to the worlds and the game mechanics, it's obvious a lot of thought and care went into this game. Zep's dreamLand has definitely earned itself a spot on my favorite games screen and a lot of my gaming time. It's a bit of a platformer, a bit of a brain teaser, and a lot of fun, so I recommend it to anyone who's looking for something other than another puzzle or action game on the iPhone. 4.5/5