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  • Publisher: SHD Co., Ltd.
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Device: iPhone
  • Size: 104.7 MB
  • Version: 1.3
  • Price: $0.99
  • Average User Rating:
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App description: SHDs event for 3rd anniversary!
You can get 1500 gold!

"A great while ago, there once was a tribe living on what they purify human soul.
Later on, they become divided into two tribes that one separates good soul and another separates evil soul"

You will be the hero Osward and defeat the enemies in authentic side scrolling 2D action game!
How will you win through the enemies blocking the way of hero?

- New skills getting more with stage
The hero Osward gets new skills on each stage!
Lets push against the enemies more mightily.

- Ability score in accordance with play style
Your play rank will be decided after clearing up the stage!
Also, you will invest in stamina or striking power as your rank changes.
Lets allocate your ability score in accordance with your play style.

- 12 kinds of button combination action!
Splendid combo combination action game which you never find in iPhone game!
Let go of mere simple pattern with mere skill button!

- Free linker which you can attack the enemy sequentially
Lets attack the enemy constantly with your own combo style!
Your rank will change depending on it.

- 50 kinds of Monsters with various patterns
The main key to clear is to figure out the 50 kinds of monsters with different attacking style!

- Large character size where you can recognize the details
Werent your eyes so tired with the small character?
Lets enjoy the game with big size of character now.

- Total 30 stages of 3 chapters
Will Osward be able to move forward through each chapter and 30 kinds of stages where he must defeat the enemies in the wings?

- In case of danger, take the soul release attack to the surrounding enemies!
Osward can accumulate souls through battle which will be used for soul release attack in case of emergency.
It depends on your clearing condition how well you use them.

- Unforgettable satisfying feel of hitting.
The more you attack your enemy, the more you will enjoy the merciless feeling of hitting.

Genre: side scrolling action arcade

Game FAQ
Q. When I re-download the application which Ive already paid, will I need to pay again?

A. Its free when its same account of Apple ID. If it stops on the way of downloading, you can download it again for free.

Q. Game does not run.

A. It can happen for lack of memory required to run the game in case you are playing a lot of applications by multitasking, or you havent rebooted the machine for a long time.
Please terminate the multitasking applications, or reboot the machine(push the slip button for 5 seconds to turn off).

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I can't seem to find any info on this anywhere. I'm thinking a video would be helpful on this one. Could be good, could be awful.

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