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App description: Face Punch Master: The 8-bit fist is at once a hyper-active homage to the classic era of 8-bit gaming, as well as a unique and challenging gaming experience. Exciting adventures await amidst the open sandbox style world and many varied settings of Fist City. Complete quests for the many colorful characters and inhabitants of the world, solve puzzles and battle your way through hordes of enemies.

-Unlock new champions and level them up to unlock awesome abilities, then equip them with powerful weapons and items.

-Fight larger than life bosses to unlock new areas.

-Use your unlocked champions in multiplayer co-op campaigns and competitive play.

-Purchase deadly teams of AI warriors to battle with you against your friends.

So what are you waiting for? Fist city awaits...

//* Please note: This is the 0.3.5 release of this game. As such, there are many more quests, characters, expansions, and bouts of pugilistic mayhem to be added. As of right now the multiplayer is limited to wifi connection only.
You can follow development of the game at http://www.tasteslikefuture.com/tasteslikefuturegames.

If you enjoy this version, keep an eye out for our upcoming kickstarter campaign to fund the upcoming expansions.

TastesLikeFuture!'s comments:

This is the 0.1 release of my first iOs game. As such, there is still plenty of planned content, and plenty of bugs to squash.

As this is an early release, any feedback chaps would be willing to offer would be most helpful. And if you like the game, tell your friends! I'm hoping to get enough buzz going to crowdfund the completion of the game in the very near future.

The game is as of now entirely free, no IAP or anything like that, so what have you got to lose? Check it out today!


You can check out the new gameplay trailer here: