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App description: Featuring 40 levels increasing difficulty, Rune is a neat puzzle app. By moving the runes, you need to find the right slot for each. With a Classic mode requiring a certain number of moves and a swift Timed mode, Rune is great fun whatever your gaming style!

Pixeye's comments:

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Rune is a free simple puzzle game with two independent game modes.
Listed game features:

Classic Game:
40 levels with rising difficulty
Limited number of moves at each level
120 stars to collect for level best solutions

Blitz Game:
Randomly chosen puzzle of three shapes
Limited time, but unlimited moves
Only 45 seconds for solving the first puzzle, +10 seconds each level solved

1.2 version released.
I would be happy to hear any feedbacks;-)
02-12-2012, 02:05 AM
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Some feedback

As you ask for some feedback, here are some

1) More levels ! (by keeping the rising challenge things)
2) Remove the unlock level 0,99$ IAP (FOR EACH LEVEL UNLOCKING !!!)
I understand you need to make some money out of your game, so i don't mind if you put some reasonable IAP in your free game. But to me asking money for unlocking a level, and to ask money everytimes you are stuck in the game is way too much. I understand that the idea is to keep the challenge of the game. But what if people are having a difficult time with your game, should they really be paying everytimes there are stuck ?

Ideally, I would even prefer, to see such feature available during a level and freely.
Some games have implemented stars (or coins, ...) that are won during the game, to unlock the next level you need a certain amount of stars.

You could also allow to unlock the level freely and unlimitly. So yes, some people would abuse it and unlock all the levels without even playing it. But the fun of such a game, is in solving the levels. So does it really matters ?
02-12-2012, 04:09 AM
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Tnx for the feedback;-) I appreciate it.
Well, this was my first experience with IAPs, so yes. I believe that could do sometning wrong. But I dont want to force anyone to unlock next level for 0.99$ either.

The idea was that if player get stuck but want, for example, see other level, he can skip this one. Perhaps, better idea would be to make an IAP that unlocks all levels at once. And if a message about unlocking next level is really annoying then no problem, I ll disable it.

It will take some time for new update. Ill include new level pack there and think about making game better.