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App description: Tiny Predators is a little arcade game designed from the ground up for one player. The game is a mix between Pac Man, Snake and N+. It features mazes, centipedes, powerups, warp points and several snappy quip's. Download now to run around the ever changing corridors and collecting +'s to keep up your strength while eating your enemies.

Background Story:

You are a predator by nature, a young centipede out to claim the world for your own. However, you are not alone in this regard. Other centipedes, some older and even faster than you are out to do just the same. Fortunately the world is full of crevices for you to explore in order to gain the upper hand over your rivals. While you attempt to sneak up the other centipedes from behind, make sure to keep an eye out for them doing the same thing!

# Appadvice

Sounds easy, but theres a catch: you cant crawl your way through the maze to prey on the others unless you have enough strength. This is where the +'s scattered throughout the maze come into play. You must eat the +'s to maintain your strength which is indicated by the blue bar at the bottom of the game. Run out of strength and the other predators win!


Tiny Predators features both procedurally generated graphics and a large collection of challenging maze designs in order to provide hours of replay value. Each maze requires a different approach in order to gain the upper hand on your rivals. Every time you play will be a different experience as the various maze designs available for play are chosen randomly for each new level.


A choice between sliding to move, Simple one touch gameplay (just tap in the direction you want to move next) or the accelerometer
Procedurally generated textures for a different look and feel for every time you play a level and encounter an enemy
30+ Level Designs to play through
32 Game Center achievements
Game Center high score leader boards

Device Support:

Tested and Working on iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S & iPod touch 3rd Generation
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