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App description: What happens when a kid with Raptoritus goes to the circus? Rampage!

Go prehistoric with this fun and entertaining game for all ages, based on the YTV television show Thats So Weird!

Raptoritus: A rare condition where loud noises and strange sounds can trigger a prehistoric reaction in a person and cause them to start freaking out like a dinosaur.

From the hilarious YTV program Thats So Weird! comes this side-scrolling iPad game featuring Jarrod, everyones favourite kid afflicted with Raptoritus. Lead Jarrod in his human form through a busy circus grounds filled with bizarre obstacles, freak show and carny characters. Be careful though! Dont bump into anything as objects will make a loud noise when hit. Loud noises will cause the raptor blood levels in your power bar to fill up, triggering a Jurassic temper tantrum! The further you go without triggering Jarrods Raptoritus, the more time you build up to use for scoring points in Raptor mode.

Jump over rolling candy apples, flaming hoops, and mad rabbits! Duck under floating balloon animals and flying firecrackers! If you collide with any of the wacky circus obstacles be ready for a loud noise that will trigger Jarrods transformation into a Raptor!

Once Jarrods Raptoritus is triggered, the Rampage begins! Destroy as many objects as possible to score points before time runs out. Raptors rampage and destroy everything in their paths! Jump to burst balloons and bubbles, duck down to pulverize candy apples and venus fly traps! The more objects destroyed, the higher your score!

Lets get Jurassic!

AJ Vaage as Jarrod from Thats So Weird!
Jump and duck to avoid objects in Human Mode
Jump and duck to destroy objects in Raptor Mode
Video intro by Jarrod
Easy to play side-scrolling game
Unique circus design

Thats So Weird! is a live-action sketch comedy series produced by DHX Media with YTV. Featuring an ensemble cast of seven young, talented sketch players the series (39 x hour episodes) provides a weekly slice of the outrageous and bizarre programs generated by the teen-operated network So Weird TV.

About DHX Media Ltd.
DHX Media Ltd. is a leading international producer and distributor of television programming and interactive content with an emphasis on children, family and youth markets. DHX Media Ltd. shares are listed on the TSX, the Toronto Stock Exchange. DHX Media produces or co-produces several original television series and maintains a growing library of over 2,300 half-hours of mostly children and youth-oriented television productions. www.dhxmedia.com

Sanuku's comments:

02-13-2012, 04:39 PM
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lol... that was painful.
02-13-2012, 06:14 PM
Joined: Mar 2010
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Ouch, this game looks as bad...as the temperature during the ice age. I can't believe I finished watching the video.