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Underworlds Update Plans

05-12-2009, 10:35 AM
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Underworlds Update Plans

Lots of people have asked, so here are here are our current plans for Underworlds. This may all change, so donít kill me if it turns out a bit differently .

The 1.1x series will focus on more polish and bug fixes.

We are looking to submit 1.11 next Monday that will include a fix for people who are having a stutter if they had the iPod music app playing before starting UW. There are also a few more spelling fixes (thanks toucharcade users!) and we are getting the app ready for localization (so some behind the scenes work is being done).

1.2 will be the first major content update. We are hard at work on letting you visit a new and larger city and becoming part of a much larger story. 1.2 will also allow your character to advance to at least level 20. We will also try to add some unique monster behaviors for more interesting combat.

1.3 will add the actual text for the foreign languages. The rest of the game features are dependent on what we do with the 1.2 update, so it is a bit too early to talk about that.
05-12-2009, 10:39 AM
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Excellent !

To level till 20 will we do some new quests ? I havent played version 1.1 but I was wondering if a new class (or 2) are in the work ? So far you guys made an amazing job and I really hope that you continue with great upgrades

05-12-2009, 10:40 AM
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Oo it just got moved to the upcoming section, boo. Sounds great though. I'm looking forward to it. I just purchased the game the other day half based on the fact that the devs are active.
You say it may all change, by 'all' I'm assuming you mean every thing down to the added city and story?

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05-12-2009, 10:58 AM
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Level 20 will be good, we can get even stronger! I am at level 5 and only have 2 moves, and one is only at level 1, so another 10 levels to get more moves/make them stronger will be good.
05-12-2009, 11:09 AM
I am wondering if there will be new Feats added with the level increase.
05-12-2009, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by saivior View Post
I am wondering if there will be new Feats added with the level increase.
As we get closer to 1.2 release, that kind of issue will be more flushed out. Right now, we want to be in under-promise, over-deliver mode .
05-12-2009, 12:44 PM
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I for one hope for different classes & skill trees. Good to know the in-game world will be increasing.

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05-12-2009, 01:48 PM
Awesome! Can't wait... being stuck at level 10 has it's drawbacks.
05-12-2009, 11:25 PM
I would be more interested in new classes over new places to visit and an increased level cap. Not everyone wants to play a warrior.
05-13-2009, 02:28 AM
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I was wondering why i didnt lvl up lol. Also a very wierd thing happend to me after updating i ran the game and i when into my backpack and low and behold there was a women. I choose a man from the start now im a girl. Not that i have anything against them. Any idea why this happened?