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iPhone: Women and men alike are surprised and confused by Body Waxer Pro, a new app.

02-15-2012, 01:27 PM
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Women and men alike are surprised and confused by Body Waxer Pro, a new app.


Body Waxer, the latest game released by Boobga Entertainment LLC, has caused a great deal of interest and controversy amongst the general public after the initial release.

Body Waxer, a game available for both the iPhone and the iPad, is designed to let its users create pain while waxing body hair off of a woman or a man. The harder the user pulls wax off of the body the more pain is caused. The game has been having a strange effect on its users since its release.

“At first, I thought this game was a little bit gross,” says iPhone enthusiast Sarah Robinson, “I realized that when I ripped the wax off hard in the game, my private parts would start to hurt a little.”

Robinson, along with several of the game’s earliest users, have reported this odd effect the game has been having on them.“The sensation was so weird, I couldn’t believe I was having such a visceral reaction,” Robinson explains. “For some reason, I couldn’t stop playing, I can’t explain it.”

Body Waxer is available now for the iPhone and the iPad.

Boobga Entertainment, LLC

Boobga Entertainment, LLC is a mobile app development company specializing in iPhone and iPad apps. Partnering with some of the least known marketing firms in the world they have solidified their reputation as a major player in the field of “idiot entertainment”. Being idiots themselves their experience outweighs all of their competitors. Enjoy!
02-15-2012, 05:29 PM
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OK, NOW I've seen everything!! Well, since I am a sick puppy, gonna have to try it! Where's the link?

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