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Moustachio - Beautiful classic platformer

02-18-2012, 11:06 AM
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Moustachio - Beautiful classic platformer. New Video!

The Story

It was beautiful Sunday so Moustachio decided to take his beloved princess to a picnic. They packed up, got into Moustachio's rocket-ship and flew to their favorite nearby planet which is a perfect location for a romantic date.

The Princess had not even finished drinking her apple juice before bright ray of light struck on her from the sky. The force field came from some kind of alien space shuttle and took it's victim up on it's board in a matter of seconds.

Princess has been kidnapped and now only Moustachio can save her.

The Game

We want to create a classic save-the-princess platformer game where you jump on bad guys, avoid traps and collect coins - the kind of game everybody loves since Nintendo's Super Mario Bros release in mid '80.

The main character, Moustachio is a rabbit-like creature with big ears and even bigger mustache. He lives in a galaxy far far away which is full of small planets inhabited by many different life forms.

Moustachio owns old and a little bit rusty space rocket that allows him to travel between planets. Needless to say, he is going to use his rocket a lot while searching for princess.

Each planet that you'll visit is a beautiful but dangerous place. There are many different enemies standing on Moustachio's way. Some are dumb and easy to get rid of, others are much more challenging. Remember that each beaten monster gives you extra points!

Apart from monsters there are many other traps: moving platforms, deadly waterfalls, sharp blades - you name it.

In each level there is a hidden treasure chest that can only be opened by (hidden as well) key. Find the key, open the chest and you'll be rewarded with an unique artifact! 

Where are we?

Moustachio has been developed for over 7 months now. Only two people are working on game and until now we have been doing it in our spare time (weekends and evenings). We have started the project hoping that it will take no longer than few months of part-time work to finish but apparently we have been wrong

Right now the game is already in quite advanced phase: we have whole mechanics working, first 8 levels are almost finished. There is still quite a lot to do though: more levels, music and sound effects, some optimizations etc. A lot of time is devoted to learning new things and solving problems that occur during development. We want Moustachio to be really outstanding and therefore some more time has to be put into this project. One of us already decided to drop his regular job in order to focus only on Moustachio so this should speed things up a little - We plan to release within next 1 or 2 months.

Please check out Moustachio's facebook page if you like the game: http://facebook.com/MoustachioGame

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02-18-2012, 07:17 PM
Looks great. I hope you have the time and resources to build a substantial number of levels before release. Looking forward to more info.
03-07-2012, 12:05 PM
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Check out this fresh video I've made today:

It does not show gameplay, I wanted to show you more details of Moustachio's world instead. Hope you'll enjoy it!