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App description: Soul of great pirates, fight in the Battle of Marineford.
This year's best mobile games "Pirate Legend" is on-line. In the Ship system, many super popular Pirates Ships are provided for you to build! Ship Recruit system is released with shock; strong ship skills help you escort ships! Popular partner accompany you to conquer the sea, to create a piece of your own Pirates Time!
Super popular crew, Tavern recruitment
How can the formation of pirates group without crews! Lovely Luffy, handsome Sanji and cute Chopper are waiting for you in the tavern. Don't hesitate to come and set up your own pirates group!
Skills combo, Strategy battle
Skills combo, formation collocation! Different types of crew release continuous skills, which can not only greatly enhance the ability to hurt, but also bring unexpected results! To be a king who can rule the battlefield, and begin your own pirate life!
Friend Fashion highlight personality
Personalized fashion creates an unique pirates group of your own! Fashion is not only an external change, but also can brings a large number of attributes! Come and show your fashion, show your unique charm!
Rare animals Enhance strength
Feed rare animals to enhance the combat capability! Feeding can bring high property promotion. Each time rare animals' breeding is possible to be the poise for you to defeat the enemy! Take your rare animal, develop your own legend!
Fate activated Become invincible
Explore the relationship between the partners and activate the fate to combat power! By constantly deepening the fate between partners, your fighting power will strengthen a lot!
ship skill Enhance power
Ship skills system is one kind of innovative gameplay which has released! Do you remember the small boat that accompanied Luffy start adventure? Do you remember the Going Merry that once brought us a lot of happiness? Here, we allow you to reappear them. Different ships have different skills, such as the Death bomb, Protective Shield or Full Healing. Come and build your own crew team now!
Sea train Wonderful welfare
Read pirates biography, experience the unknown life of pirates. Its easy to access a large number of rewards!
In Hidden Treasure, you can explore a treasure and dig out wealth, diamond, beli and other multiple gifts!
Challenge your own limit. The gorgeous output will bloom out of your glory. You can win everything that belongs to you with strength!
Teach a lesson to Fake Straw Hat Pirates. You can get recruit proof, fashion coins and other precious resource.
Only when you have someone you want to protect, you can burst out of all the strength in the edge of death,.
To guard Robin, Enies lobby, we're coming!

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This game requires Internet connection.
The game is free to use and offers purchase services, such as virtual game currency, items and so on.
Please pay attention to your game time, avoid indulging in the game.