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App description: This game is a parody on another popular game!
Have you ever wondered how hard would it be for a chicken to escape from the chicken factory? No? Never mind, take a shot! This chicken is like no other chicken on the farm, she has decided to run away, and shes gonna do it, with the rocket or without it!
Dont avoid the bomb, just jump on it to run even further! Good luck!

simple one-touch arcade game
14 different themes
unlimited worlds
upgrade your chicken's rocket
use hills to jump
fly as fast as you can
stay ahead of the fire

Nanobit's comments:
Rocket Chicken(FREE)
Now available on iTunes App Store

We are presenting you new and simple one touch arcade game. It features 12 different themes as well as unlimited worlds and upgrades that can be unlocked.
The story began in old chicken factory where Rocket Chicken decide to run away and get freedom that she is expecting for an entire life. Problem came up when butcher saw her escaping and started to chase her with the flamethrower. Chicken mission is to run away as fast and far as she can before she burns in flames.

Chicken isnt the best flyer but she has decided to become free and to join other free chickens around. Gameplay is very simple and contagious, players are sliding up and down through the mountains of Texas, Sahara, Jungle, China, Antarctica and other great worlds using careful timing to accelerate themselves faster and higher into the air.

Rocket Chicken begins with dramatic cut scene introducing the storyline, and then players are taken right into the game. To start the escape, player will kick their chicken into the field with a giant boot.

Players needs to collect corn for more points while sliding up and down hills. Theyll also encounter bombs and they dont need to avoid the bombs, just need to send their chicken to run on it even further, it will burn some feather but it will enhance her escaping!
Very helpful in her escape is rocket that player can upgrade with collected corns.
Also each new world has not only new scenery, but also an interesting and contagious soundtrack to accommodate it.

Main goal of the game is to unlock new worlds and objectives and to reach higher scores each time.


List of features:
simple one-touch arcade game
12 different themes
unlimited worlds
upgrade your chicken's rocket
use hills to jump
fly as fast as you can
stay ahead of the fire
contagious soundtrack

Game can be downloaded for free in iTunes App Store. Game is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.

Game is available for download from this link:
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I'd download this but kicking chickens is against my principles. So is consumable IAP.
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Tiny Birds....

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Great video!