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App description: Help our hero to navigate through rocky landscapes filled with challenging obstacles! The objective is simple - fly from one pad to another! Can you do it?

Realistic physics!
Classic lunar landing gameplay!
Mines, force fields, and other obstacles!
Every level is a unique hand-crafted challenge!
Several different configurations for touch controls!

Lander Hero: Training Mission is a physics based lunar landing game. Navigate lunar lander through rocky caves while avoiding rotating boulders, force fields, mines, and other obstacles! Collect power-ups to keep your spaceship in shape and find a place to land!

polygonplay's comments:
I've finally released Lander Hero: Training Mission!

Thanks again for the support of the community!
02-22-2012, 09:15 AM
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Just popped back here after playing first four levels!

Graphics are fantastic, just perfect for this type of game good quality and 'fun'.
The animation is spectacular from the little smile from your pilot when he collects a star to the increasing wobble of the ship as you use your rockets to manoeuvre.

The novel idea of having obstacles to burn with rockets or push out of the way is brilliant.

The ADVERTS! Unobtrusive and done how I now want ALL ad supported games to do it.

I have loved my first 5 mins on this game it's just really well polished!

Oh and the though that's gone into it to shows in the simple things like when you get your 50% of stars needed to move on it flashes up next to your ship so you don't have to move your eyes away from the ship.

LOVE it and it's free go get it people!

Will be looking to spend money with this Dev ASAP.

EDIT so I did it already! Went and spent the money on lander hero.

One thing to the Dev you really should add an IAP of the full game in this free one.

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02-22-2012, 10:12 AM
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Thanks Stustaff for the feedback! I am happy to hear you enjoy it. Good point with the IAP!

Polygon Play
Developer of Lander Hero and Lander Hero: Training Mission