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NANBAZU - "Strong Memory. Strong Arms."

02-22-2012, 06:05 PM
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NANBAZU - "Strong Memory. Strong Arms."

Downlaod : http://itunes.apple.com/app/nanbazu/id491684142?mt=8

★ The First App on the App Store using Hand Movement Recognition! ★
★ Strong Memory. Strong Arms. ★
Nanbazu is a puzzle solving & memory game having unique game play, which allows you to use your device as an air pen. It is a new kind of game play. Writing numbers in the air by moving your iPhone/ iPad is the main concept of Nanbazu. This game includes 25 levels with different retina display environments having powerful combination with chill-out musics. Nanbazu is the best way to engage you to train your visual memory and basic math while increasing motor skills.

★ Instruction ★
1- Hold your iPhone/ iPad face to you.
2- Position iPhone/ iPad to the starting point of number.
3- Touch & hold the screen.
4- Write the number in the air.
5- Leave the screen when you finish the movement.
6- Nanbazu will understand which number you wrote.

★ Why should I play Nanbazu? ★
▸ To improve visual memory
▸ To improve math skills
▸ To make your arms stronger
▸ To test your IQ
▸ To teach your children how to write numbers
▸ To test your friendsí motor skill ability

★ Features ★
✓ New Kind of Game Play
✓ Hand Movement Recognition
✓ 25 Extraordinary Levels
✓ Retina Display Environments
✓ Chill-out Musics
✓ New Generation Dumbbell
✓ Game Center Leaderboard

★★ Which is the most interesting place to play Nanbazu? Capture and share the video in Nanbazu Facebook page. We will have some surprises for you!
★ WARNING! Overdose on Nanbazu may cause extreme power. ★


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Added Comic Video

Just added new comic video...
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You can view some interesting videos of Nanbazu on www.nanbazu.com