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03-13-2012, 05:48 PM
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I've been playing it and I don't speak a word of Chinese. It's pretty straight-forward gameplay, so story is what you are missing, but it's been pretty well summarized here, it seems.

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03-13-2012, 09:20 PM
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Here are screenshots of all of the story so far in the app. I will add translations later.
Title screen.

Jiang Yunfan, young master of "Ravaging Wind Zhai," has been adopted by the zhai leader since he was little.
He is optimistic, outgoing, and full of a sense of justice.

The weather is great today. He skips his duty as sentry. Just when he was merrily playing with the little kid in the camp, his
dad caught him!

"Haven't seen even a shadow of a person in ages. I still have to go stand guard every day." Though he complains verbally, he
still obediently headed to Cangmu mountain to switch shifts with Old Ma. "I hear Old Ma say that the wild monkeys on the
mountain are more raucous than ever. Hope they don't fall into my hands." Yunfan thinks to himself.

(He) sees a maiden holding her chest, pale and in pain, desperately running, due to a group of mountain monkeys chasing
after her with violent expressions.

After saving her and bringing her back to the camp, the yellow-clothed girl gradually awakes.

The girl indicates that she is from Tang family, one of the Four Great Families, and is named Yurou. She lives in the QingHe
village at the foot of the mountain. This excursion to the mountain is to gather medicine to save people.

Yunfan indicates that he knows where the Fengming Plant Yurou is looking for is, but the mountain is dangerous. He instructs her to wait at the settlement. Dad fears that it will be dangerous for him go go alone, so he taught Yunfan his trademark skill Gale Slash before he set out!

On the way, he constantly hears sounds behind him, so he hid at a fork in the mountain path, preparing to attack the beast that stalks him...

After all, it's Yurou who had been secretly following him, insisting that she come along to help.

Now she casts a beam of light upon Yunfan, healing him of injuries sustained from monkey claw scratches.

Surprised, Yunfan asks Yurou. If she knows of such powerful techniques, why couldn't she defeat those monkeys earlier?

Yurou explains: "It's kind of embarrassing, but my techniques are more suited to helping others than to fighting, plus at the time I...inside my body..." Seeing as she has something she doesn't want to say, Yunfan didn't continue the line of questioning further.

The duo talked as they walked. When resting, Yurou played a new melody, which Yunfan named Fengming Melody."

Finally reaching the top, Yunfan found several Fengming plants next to a giant rock.

Just as he was about to pick them, a huge object suddenly appeared, roaring...

This beast armed with deadly poisonous claws is named the Demon Ape King, who was the monkey leader who Yunfan repelled before, now seeking revenge.

With the two cooperating, the Ape King is finally subdued. Yunfan scolds it to never do wrong and harm innocent passersby. As if understanding, the Ape King obediently retreated. The two retrieved the lants and took the path they used to get here back down the mountain.

Unexpectedly,the Ape King is raised by someone. His master appears from stealth, observing this battle. Even though Jiang Yunfan sustained many attacks by the poisonous claws, he never got poisoned, which is curious.

After the two returned to camp to rest a moment, they see a group of fully armed people surround the settlement, demanding Yurou's release. It's actually Father Tang misunderstanding his daughter's not returning promptly for her being kidnapped by the mountain bandits. That's why he brought his people to demand her here.

Tang Yurou sees this situation and explains to her father, but the enraged father cannot listen at the moment, and seeing that his daughter is well, brings her away.

Yunfan later finds the flute Yurou left behind. At the time he was concerned over whether to go to return the flute, he remembers that his dad's birthday is tomorrow, and that it is possible to go to Qinghe Village to buy a specialty Drunken Deity Brew to celebrate, looking for Yurou along the way.

Unexpectedly, he was denied entrance by the guards at the front door when trying to return the flute. When he was going to buy the alcohol he was informed that the Tang family has bought out the whole stock. HYunfan feels indignant and decides to infiltrate the Tang Complex to steal some liquor.

After much trouble to steal a container of wine, a little yellow dog suddenly wrestles it away and escapes with blazing speed. Yunfan recovers and decides that no matter what, he will chase the dog down for the container of wine for his dad.

After catching up with the dog, the wine has already been consumed by its master. The master of the yellow dog is a middle-aged and superbly powerful Taoist. Saying that it is his way of apologizing, he teaches Yunfan a set of practice techniques to stablize that energy, while hiding his other motives. After his lesson, the Taoist flies away on a sword, drawing admiration from Yunfan.

Today is dad's birthday. Although empty handed, (I) should hurry back to the camp to celebrate for him.

Yunfan rushed back to the settlement, finding that the normally lively shanzhai is silent. Yunfan realized that something has happened!

Running back to the main building, he sees everyone fainted on the ground, though a female stranger is standing in the room. Actually, this voluptuous woman has drugged everyone to make them faint.

This Miao woman is named "Duying" (Poison Shadow-note: this is a title, not her real given name). She was surprised to see that Yunfan was unaffected by the Ape King's attacks, and poisoned everyone while he was away. She threatens him into going to an underground cave filled with poisonous gas to help her rescue her lover "Xueshou" (Blood-Hand(s) : a title again).

They arrive next to the cave. Another strange Miao girl appears suddenly, yelling for Duying to return the stolen Earth Spirit Orb.

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The clips on the first page look really smooth, is it that smooth on an iPhone 4?

Such a shame it doesn't have english translation..
03-20-2012, 01:21 AM
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