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"new levels coming soon" mentality, what do you guys think?

02-25-2012, 02:56 AM
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"new levels coming soon" mentality, what do you guys think?

heya, interested in getting your opinions on the matter.

personally i'm having a bit of a hard time with this approach. firstly, because sometimes developers neglect to add the new levels that they had promised. secondly, because it sometimes gives off a bit of a "half-baked" feelings, like the distributor rushed the game but the level design team missed their deadline. i mean i understand (at least, i think i understand) from the developers point of view why they would want to go that way, but as a player the whole "i'll add this to the game later" routine just feels a bit askew. there's nothing wrong with incremental updates, keeping the players at suspense and excite them about potential new upgrades later, but it feels like it's bit overused in the app store these days? like, a lot of games are just a subset of a game when they are launched? or maybe it's just me?


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02-25-2012, 07:28 AM
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As a user, I want a complete game at launch. If the game has a good number of levels and I get the sense that the game is complete without needing additional levels I will buy it. It's stupid of the developer to ask a user for his trust and giving him a half baked game with only his word that he will flesh it out in future.

Case in point: Angry Birds and League of Evil both had "additional levels coming soon" tagged in their games. But what they had dished out in the first place was complete enough, so I bought the games without waiting for them to fulfill their promises. Whereas Bean's Quest, awesome as it is, started with only 8 levels with promise of more. I didn't buy that game even though the developer had promised more levels in future, but did get it when he got those levels out. This behavior is solely because of the number of games out there which don't get the promised support.

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