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App description: An interactive science-fiction adventure! It's a book. It's a game. It's an RPG. It's a Gamebook Adventure!


The first sci-fi gamebook in the the critically acclaimed interactive e-book series in which YOU, the reader, control the direction of the story! Along with a realistic dice system to fight creatures and use skills, a fantastic new story and beautiful artwork, Infinite Universe will literally take you to another world, giving you many hours of gamebook adventuring!

"In the fourth millennium, the Mandellian Empire of the Tau Ceti system is at war with the rebel army known as DWORF. And lucky you have been chosen for a dangerous solo mission to kill or capture the rebel leader, through mind-bending loops of time and space. But wait a minute. Just who are you anyway? And how did you even get here? Such secrets you must uncover if you are to unlock your destiny"

An all new sci-fi epic set within an all new universe! Our largest GA title yet!
Includes all the interactive reading and gameplay features found in the previous Gamebook Adventures titles, including an authentic e-book experience, realistic 3D dice rolling, automatic character sheet management, bookmarks and achievements.
Original story by Brewin, editor of the first four Gamebook Adventures titles, that has been specifically designed to take advantage of the NEW Gamebook Adventures engine.
Beautifully illustrated in colour by Joshua Wright, with cover and menu art by Dan Maxwell.
An exhilarating music score by Hanny Mohamed, world-renowned musician from Black Majesty.
Read the story and be in charge of your destiny as you make the choices! Where to go? Who to trust? What to do? The choice is yours!
Travel through times past, present and future, through far-flung worlds beyond your wildest imagination, to piece together a series of events that will amaze, amuse and entertain you!
New battle mechanics such as ranged and vehicular combat.
An innovative all new points-based skill system that is influenced by your own unique narrative. Choose the skills to suit your own playing style!
Play as a male or female character!
A detailed star map with extensive annotations.
An expansive encyclopaedia to cover everything from stars, planets and moons, to important personalities and organisations, to technology, to tips for survival, and more!

Gamebook Adventures is brought together through the efforts of passionate and avid gamebook enthusiasts. If you are familiar with the Fighting Fantasy, Sorcery, Lone Wolf or Grail Quest series then Gamebook Adventures will really appeal to you. Our aim is to give those nostalgic readers of old something new and fresh, and bring a new exciting experience to those unfamiliar with gamebooks. If you enjoy fantasy RPGs or adventure games then this is for you!

Sanuku's comments:

02-27-2012, 07:50 AM
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These are just first impressions, but--

From what I've seen so far, this entry is much different from prior GBAs for a number of reasons. Sure, it's a sci-fi theme which, as far as I can tell, doesn't have anything to do with Orlandes. Beyond that, however, the story structure seems quite removed and in some ways more elaborate than the more traditional "choose a path and try not to die" structure. No spoilers on this front, but I will say it is quite interesting.

Of course the design and implementation is at least as good as the past entries, which is to say, basically flawless. Something I have been really impressed with regarding Tin Man Games is how they've continually improved the UI and features of their apps and in turn updated existing apps to maintain the same level of quality across their whole series. There is a lot to be said of this, considering GBA 1 is now a few years old.

Combat mechanics seem to be much the same as in past books--dice-based attack/defend turns which can be done "under the hood" so to speak if you want to go quickly. Of course there is the fitness and luck mechanics that are thrown in to add a more user-dependent risk/reward element. I haven't gotten to the ranged or vehicular combat yet so I'm unsure how that will affect gameplay.

In all respects this looks to be a great new gamebook but for one detail--I think the writing feels a good deal more amateurish than in past episodes. I hate to say it, because I was really excited for the sci-fi setting, but there is often something awkward about the dialogue and not a lot of interesting imagery so far in my opinion. This is something of a minor complaint given that gamebooks don't usually aim to emulate a Whitmanesque level of composition or anything... I guess that, to me, this just feels more like something from the "young adult" section in some ways than past GBAs, and it's possible that that's partially due to the setting and genre. It does make a certain sense for this character, for example, to say he feels "old school and cool," but it still makes me cringe. Plus, I would be lying if I didn't admit I'm pretty picky about writing since it's part of what I do for a living and as a hobby. Just something to keep in mind.

Anyway, for those who want to try it out, the pricing model makes it low-risk so I suggest going for it. Also, if you're one of those people who likes to support really nice developers who are serious about putting out quality work and rewarding their customers, look no further than Tin Man Games.

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02-27-2012, 07:57 AM
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What's the pricing of the chapters/full book etc?

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02-27-2012, 08:08 AM
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I guess it's good that the new setting is accompanied by a free-to-try app.

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02-27-2012, 08:09 AM
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Originally Posted by pavarotti2007 View Post
What's the pricing of the chapters/full book etc?
Free to try with each additional chapter available for 99c USD, (which will bring the total to about $5), or $3.99 to buy the whole thing at once.

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02-27-2012, 08:25 AM
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I was waiting for this one quite a lot> I'm a bit sorry to hear that the writing is not on par with previous entries, but I'm still very excited to read/play it.

Since yo seem to have read it (beta test?), Medianotzu, is there any difference in playing as a woman or man? Does it offer different branchs in the storyline?

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02-27-2012, 08:46 AM
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Sweet. Can't wait for this to hit the UK I've got all of tin mans gamebooks and love them all. It should be a nice change to have a sci-fi setting.
Although I'm not to impressed by the IAP route and would rather just buy it outright it's not enough to stop me getting it. They are with out a doubt the best choose your own adventure stories on the app store.
02-27-2012, 09:27 AM
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Game Impressions

02-27-2012, 09:44 AM
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Marking this as the 8th is confusing, since it's a separate universe from the previous 7 titles.
Also I find myself wishing there was a "full" version, even though I understand the anti-piracy benefits of having paid unlocks.

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02-27-2012, 06:38 PM
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Originally Posted by strivemind View Post
Marking this as the 8th is confusing, since it's a separate universe from the previous 7 titles.
There's kind of a historical precedence in the gamebook "industry" for this. Puffin's Fighting Fantasy line kept the numbering from the fantasy line, even when they branched out into sci-fi, superheroes, horror, etc. TSR did the same with their Endless Quest line.

Also, Tin Man Games tried to end the numbering altogether with the last book, but overwhelming complaint resulted in it being re-labeled as book 7.

Not saying you're wrong about it being potentially confusing, just giving a couple of probable reasons for the choice.