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Yorick's Revenge - Free source code

02-27-2012, 08:18 AM
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Yorick's Revenge - Free source code


I'm giving away all my source code for Yorick's Revenge which can be found here:


Click on the hills.zip file to download.

I would appreciate a donation for this of which is all going to NSPCC, a truly worthwhile cause, any donation you want to give would
be really appreciated and will help the NSPCC drastically.

NSPCC information can be found here:


To make a donation please use paypal to steg90@yahoo.co.uk. I will be placing amount of monies raised on


You can also send a payment if you prefer directly to NSPCC here:


Link to Yorick's Revenge on app store:


Enjoy the code, hope you get something from it and hope we can all help the NSPCC.

Kind regards and best wishes,
03-21-2012, 08:00 PM
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Source Code giving error?

Hi, the source code for Yorick's Revenge is great, but I keep getting errors when running it that I haven't been able to figure out. I even bought the paid version of the game and it seems to work with no problems, hence the 5 star review Anyway, I've copied the error below and am not making any sense of it. Normally when I've gotten similar errors like this in the past it's been due to a sprite having a name without the same letter cases as referenced in my code, but your code is quite a bit more elaborate than any I've done, so apparently I'm missing something. I've posted the error below. I realize you probably have better things to do with your time, but if you had a chance to take a look at the error I would appreciate it. I'll let you know if I find the answer before I hear back from you.

PS. I have a free App in the App Store in which I donate 100% of the ad revenue to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund called CHICKSROCK. Unfortunately, it's 100% of very little revenue....


2012-03-20 09:02:57.631 Hills[82695:707] dealloc in CDynaSprite
2012-03-20 09:02:57.635 Hills[82695:707] *** Terminating app due to
uncaught exception 'NSGenericException', reason: '*** Collection
<__NSArrayM: 0x1d07fcb0> was mutated while being enumerated.'
*** First throw call stack:
(0x3420b8bf 0x3445b1e5 0x3420b3e3 0x9d5c9 0x9e105 0x13494b 0x13c6d7
0x159c31 0x15c115 0x34d49423 0x34d49379 0x31898f93 0x3077f891
0x341d4f43 0x341df553 0x341df4f5 0x341de343 0x341614dd 0x341613a5
0x309e5fcd 0x375e2743 0x99cfd 0x99cc4)
terminate called throwing an exception(lldb)