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App description: ***** "I LOVE THIS GAME, BUY IT NOW!" * 5/5 Stars * Canada AppStore Review * by TrueBlue

Run the gauntlet and survive in a world ruled by evil robots, spanning numerous toe-curlingly challenging levels, over multiple stages and landscapes, bringing new enemies and difficulties with each stage.

Warning! Do not been fooled, this game will challenge even the most skilled of you.
Enjoy this game guaranteed, or your money back.

Run, Sneak, Dodge, Time to perfection, and survive.

Each of the many gorgeous colour HD-graphic levels brings new mind twisting challenges, heart pumping excitement, and finger tingling addiction. So put on your sneaking shoes, and show little monster what you are made of!

This new, innovative and addictive arcade action puzzler is quite simply the best new game on the app store right now, and will keep you entertained for hours on end.

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***** "The next big arcade puzzler. Monster fun!" - 5/5 Review Allthehighstreet.com
***** "The game we have been waiting for." - 5/5
***** "This could end up being the best game of 2012!" - 5/5
***** "Addictive and lots of fun. The graphics are simple yet gorgeous and cute. The music and sound effects are perfect...Lots of challenging levels you can find sneaky factor in it. Do you love MGS? You will get lots of fun, go dodge and help the monsters escape. Highly recommended." danielfanu - 5/5 US AppStore Review
***** "The game is certainly fun and addictive and if you like these type of action arcade puzzle games then it's certainly one to check out." - iphoneGamerUk.co.uk - 4/5 Review
***** "This is amazingly addicting simple action puzzler game...it is all about the addicting and challenging gameplay that makes this game great. There are a lot of challenging level to play. The game gets more challenging as you advance to each level. This is a highly recommended game for those who loves action puzzler type of games." iPawn4 - 5/5 US AppStore Review
***** "This isn't your everyday physics-based puzzler. There is a lot going for this little game: the graphics are simple and extremely cute, the music is awesome, everything just fits so nicely together. Highly, highly recommended." _burn - 5/5 US AppStore Review
***** 'I download this and wow...it's REALLY good and totally worth the asking price. It's also quite apparent from both the app description and the game itself that this was a labor of love for you Scott and that you're very proud of it...and that you should. Brilliant work.' - Member TouchArcade Forum

****Get this game today!!****

40 Superb levels with 120 stars to collect - with more levels and stages being added soon
Bonus challenges to collect on each level
Literally hours of fun
High definition Retina graphics
Collect all stars per level, if you can!
Some stars are easy, some are toe-curlingly hard.
Sneak and run. Dodge and escape.
Use your speedy finger and your speedy brain.
Find the best paths, get through the barriers, flick the right switches, get past the guards and electricity fields.
Game centre enabled coming soon
Achievements coming soon
Twitter and Facebook integration
A year in the making by one person
Support indie developers

Flick the right switches to sneak your way down the passageways un-hindered. The barriers can sure put a stop to things!

Perfect timing is a must to sneak past the guards at just the right time, or they'll be on you like a hungry hippo!

Get your brain into gear and follow your nose. Many paths and combinations are available, but choose wisely or you will end up stuck.

It's no easy task collecting one star, nevermind all 3 on each level. Do you dare accept the challenge?

Can you help him escape?

****Get this game today!!****
And Have fun!

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