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Stop Them Nittles - Tap/Tower defense hybrid

02-28-2012, 08:16 PM
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Stop Them Nittles - Tap Defense by [GameOctave]

Been awhile since I last posted here so time to give an update of progress. Okay now that the game is getting closer to the finish line and I can better describe how to play it. The story mode part of the game is basically a tap defense game that incorporates td elements. Every level will start with Grumpybee giving you a few quick words beforehand. The Nittles enter into the screen and try to get into grumpybees garden (right side of screen). To stop them you just need to keep tapping on them until they "pop". This gets progressively harder as you work your way through the levels. Though to help you out theres various towers/abilities that you can select before the start of each level such as the Storm cloud and Berserker mode. Theres many different strategies you can utilize. For example you might want to use more expensive towers to help generate energy faster you can use the crystal tower. Though because the crystal tower itself is a bit expensive you're going to be playing on the defensive until you can get that first tower down. Or maybe you want to play aggressively so you arm yourself with cheaper towers to try and make an indomitable defense its up to you. You're stuck with what you've selected until the level ends so you need to choose wisely. You'll be able to unlock more towers/abilities as you complete certain tasks in the game.

Nittles come in different shapes and sizes with varying abilities. Some are fast but easy to pop. Some can shoot cannon balls at your walls to smash them down. Some can keep multiplying and can become a nuisance. Also at the end of each world is a boss encounter where your abilities will be put to the test.

item equips can also be obtained at the shop and add another element of strategy. They normally provide you with a bonus to a stat but you'll have to decide which to equip in conjunction with your chosen play style.

The game isn't all tapping and td elements though. For those of you that like your simulation type games theres the Magic Garden Mode. I'd have to compare this to the Zen Garden in Plants Vs Zombies but with more purpose. You can either spend time just growing flowers and collecting money from them or.. you can actually spend time nurturing special eggs that will eventually evolve and hatch into new weapons that can be used in the main game modes. While you won't know what the egg will hatch into generally the more expensive the egg, the longer it takes to hatch but the more powerful a weapon it will eventually become. Flowers also have different tiers and generate income and other items aT varying rates. Theres a seperate shop here to buy various gardening supplies.

also theres other mini games you can unlock as seen in the following screen shot. Theres a survival mode, an expert mode, a "defend the sand castle mode" and O.T.T warrior mode. I'll give you more information on the O.T.T mode when I can but as you may or may not be able to tell from the screenshot, its a small nod to a very popular anime.

I have alot of plans to expand on the game after release such as providing a steady stream of updates with alot of new content and features. My priority is first and foremost to create a great game that hopefully everyone enjoys.

Feel free to ask any questions about the game here or shoot me an email to info@gameoctave.com

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05-03-2012, 12:14 AM
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just giving this a small bump as ive just done a complete update on the current game info and progress.