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  • Publisher: gameday Inc.
  • Genre: Kids
  • Device: Universal
  • Size: 112.0 MB
  • Version: 1.0.3
  • Price: Free
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App description: Help Purple is a unique, imaginative adventure that delights with its creativity as it challenges players with its creative puzzles. Explores Purples environment to help Purple clear each stage, rescuing his friends from the ravenous Huge Monster as he goes.

Purple is one of the adorable little rainbow gods of Arcuseach has a unique power. But only Purple managed to escape Huge Monsters rampage. Hell have to make sense of eacb stages one of a kind puzzle to proceed, combining items and exercising the powers he absorbs from his friends as he frees them from Huge Monsters greedy clutches.

Each of the games mysteries presents a whimsical new challenge to solve, making Help Purple perfect to pick up and play for a few minutes at a time. Beautiful design, superior art direction, and personality to spare make Help Purple as soothing and pleasant as it is challenging.

Top 10 Game in the Adventure and Family Category

Game Features
Help Purple!
Youll be serving as Purples problem solver, exploring his world via touch (and giving Purple a tickle now and then, too).
Evaluate, Analyze, and Solve
Each stage is a new challengeidentify what Purple needs to accomplish, figure out how to carry it out, collect the necessary items, and put the pieces together to help Purple move forward!
Evolve as You Progress
Each of the rainbow gods has its own abilityand Purples ability is to be able to absorb his friends powers. Each time you rescue a new Arcus friend, youll also obtain its ability. Youll be able to utilize fire, magnetism, light, and many other skills along your journey.
Mini Games Galore!
Purple will face peculiar bosses and obstacles throughout gameplay that perform as minigames, offering some action to balance the games focus on puzzles.
A Game Within A Game: Collection
Keep your eyes peeled for the adorable collection items that flash on the screen throughout gameplay. Catch these tiny cuties with a touch and add to your personal collectionsome are very rare!
Complete Your Collection Through Trades
The trade menu lets you barter your collected minis with players around the world! Winning Help Purple is only the beginningyou never know when youll stumble upon a precious new collectors find.


-E-Mail: help@gameday.in

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/helppurpleglobal
Twitter www.twitter.com/Gameday_Korea
You Tube http://youtu.be/WRKCor9voCY

Gameday's comments:
"Help Purple" Launch Promotion!
Help Purple is offered at a 50%-reduced price for a limited time.
Retail Price: 1.99 > Special Price: 0.99

Buy now and enjoy playing Help Purple.
iPhon, iPod touch : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/help-purple/id492595145?mt=8
iPad : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/help-purple-hd/id492598294?mt=8

Hi, my name is Purple.
I'm about to jump into Huge's mouth. I have to find Huge Monster and save my friends.
I need help from someone smart, someone whos really good at picture matching games.
Wont you help me? Come join me and explore the world of Purple!

"HELP PURPLE" Game Trailer

◆ Got nothing to do while waiting for your friends? Or are you just bored? This is the perfect game to kill time!
Dive into the world of Purple and help Purple continue his adventure. You only need a few minutes at a time to find hidden items and solve mysteries.

■ Game Features

→ Cute Purple Character
Purple is a goofy little character that reacts to your touch. Touch him and see what he does. He's so cute, you'll want to play with him all day!
→ Matching Pictures and Solve Hidden Mysteries!
The goal of this game is to find hidden items and help Purple move forward.
Youll have to think outside of the box to find and combine the items.
→ Evolving Abilities
Each time you save an Arcus Friend (Rainbow God), Purple gains a new ability. These abilities include using fire to melt away water and light to illuminate hidden items.
→ Collection
While the game is in progress, Collection items flash on the screen. Keep your eyes peeled and catch them before they vanish. 420 Collection items are available in this compact game.
→ Collection Trade
Are you looking for specific Collection items? Use the Trade menu to search and trade items with players around the globe. Rare and precious Collection items are just a touch away!

* About Purple
There's a small village of weather gods in the clouds. Snow god Nix, rain god Imbir, and the Arcusesthe seven gods that color the rainbowall live there.
One day, Huge Monster emerges and rampages through the village, swallowing everyone except Purple. Purple enters Huge's mouth to save his friends.
You are Purple's helper. You will remove the rocks blocking paths or reconnect broken bridges to help him advance with his journey. This point-and-touch adventure game features special Collection items that can be traded with other players for additional fun.

The play video below will help you to understand it.

For more information, please visit www.helppurple.com.
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This was free the other day and no one made a thread. What a bummer
Really enjoying the game but was hoping there would be a help thread on here after being free

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Originally Posted by Snozberry View Post
This was free the other day and no one made a thread. What a bummer
Really enjoying the game but was hoping there would be a help thread on here after being free
Free?!?! Looks good, any impressions?

EDIT: It still FREE, downloading...