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Cytus-[Updates & Android Version]

03-05-2012, 10:38 PM
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Cytus-[Updates & Android Version]

Hello everyone,

It's been while since the last time we informed you the update of features of Cytus on iOS (Ver.1.1.0).

What we've been working on off late, is the new patch of update of Cytus on iOS (Ver.1.2.0) as well as Cytus on Android (for both free & paid version). Hopefully, the aforementioned will be released either by the end of Mar. or the beginning of Apr. As for the changes of features, we will leave that for you guys to find out soon.

However though, we do have one important thing that we would like to have you address on; it's in regards of how to promote Cytus better in the States. Whether it should be the types of music, style of artworks, marketing campaigns such as events, concerts & promotions or whatsoever. In short, any kind of the opinions or suggestions from your end is more than welcome!

Thank you all in advance, & we look forward to hearing from you.

With regards,

Cytus Team
03-05-2012, 10:59 PM
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That's a tough call. I'd say maybe an update .99 sale might not hurt, and could get some more buyers or a potential feature from Apple again if it's a big enough update.

There's also the possibility of recruiting out musical artists for tracks. If you have to, you could do these as iAP bunches to re-imberse the artists, but at the minimum giving them a feature inside your app wouldn't hurt. Specifically target up-and-coming groups if you can, as they'll be the most likely to do it and be cheaper as well. Also these tracks would provide more
content. Just a thought, but this might work well for you guys.

Trying to build back momentum is a lot harder than gaining it in the first place. I'd say there's a bunch of other marketing strategy's you could try, but additional content and a price drop could be the simplest and best. You can always try releasing a free version with three to five songs as well (i'd say this could build up a little momentum in itself, especially since i've seen when the lite version hits big on the charts, the full version rises as well), or pay for banner ads or something like that on sites/through iAds or whatever (note that I won't suggest this as have no experience here, but there's a possibility it might help you. More likely to be non-cost effective, but it's a thought).

Hope this helps. I'm not a developer, but I do have a good deal of experience as a customer. You've got a very good game though, I might add. Really a lot of fun. Can't wait for some of the promised updates!

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