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App description: Word Jewels® is FUN and 100% FREE!
"Awesome in so many ways! First of all, there is no time limit on this game, so it's more relaxing than other word games. You know how you get stressed out and watch the time on other games... none of that here. You can also close the app mid-game and go back to the same game, which helps as you get better and better. My favorite word game right now, definitely." --kenjer
"This is a great game. I didn't think I would ever leave Words with Friends! I like the challenge of this game!" --DaveyGN
"Great word game! Hours of entertainment, can't believe it's free" --Hibeam
"I love word games and this is one of the best I've played" --Kenjo megi

YOU'LL LOVE WORD JEWELS! Check out the reviews!
"Can't believe this is a free app. Hours and hours of fun!" --Duanne1
"Love this game...you can play solo, unlike with WWF and having to wait for your opponent to take their turn!" --Former WWF follower
"Word Jewels Rocks!!!!" --Renee Caldarelli
"The best game ever! I'm addicted." --Donnajzb

Trace words to capture them in any direction, even crossing over your path!

No timers, so take your time and find the best words!

Beautiful graphics and animation!

Relaxing sound effects

Can listen to your own music while playing


Score summary shows you how well you did

Compare your scores with the world using Game Center


Huge English dictionary included to verify words even while not connected to the internet!
(Word Jewels uses the YAWL word list, which has 264,097 words! Valid words must be 3 letters long and NOT be proper nouns, as is typical for most every word game.)

Automagic letter balancing, to help from getting trapped with a big ol' pile of consonants with no vowels, or with too many duplicates of the same letter in a group!

Improved auto-save code - go ahead and quit the game, take a phone call, send a text - when you come back, your game will be waiting for you! Works on both old and new iThings!

32 Game Center Achievements to earn!

Thanks for playing!
Come see us at http://boyhowdytechnology.com

WORD JEWELS is a registered trademark of Boy Howdy Technology LLC

LordGek's comments:
A cool word game by the same folk behind Poker Solitaire Jewels.

The gimmick is to use all of the red jewels in words to complete the level within a very tight number of moves (made words).

03-06-2012, 09:05 PM
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Also, for iPad owners, check out Word Jewels XL at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/word-jewels-xl/id437516617?mt=8.

It's essentially 100% identical to the iPhone version, just larger. Unfortunately I didn't realize the advantages of universal apps when I built it out... Lesson learned! :-)