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Beta testing / feedback request - Centrifeud

03-07-2012, 04:40 PM
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Want to help test our iPad party game, Centrifeud?

Hey, guys.

This is Carlos from Secret Library, a new game development studio from Atlanta working on our first iOS title. I was hoping to get a few of you to sign up for a TestFlight account and help us test an early build of our iPad game, Centrifeud.

This is also my first post on here, so... Hi. I'll try to be a more active member of the community in the future.

Centrifeud is a two to four player iPad party game. Each player controls a spinning disc using a button on each corner of the screen. The goal is to collect enough "point balls" to win. Random "power downs" appear at increasing intervals throughout a game session. To avoid these, players need to touch their discs. The first player to do so avoids the "power down" and gains the advantage over his / her opponents.

Quick screenie (you can find more at http://secret-library.com):

Here's a video of some friends not pretending to have fun for the camera:

Youtube link | Pop Up

We would really appreciate your feedback. The current plan is to have the game ready and submitted to the App Store by the end of this month with the hopes to release in early April. Let us know what you think on here or by emailing your feedback to contact@secret-library.com. Any feedback goes, from issues with game mechanics, bugs, art style, etc.

NOTE: If you sign up, please wait a few days to get an email notification of a new build being ready for you to test. Thanks for reading this far.


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03-12-2012, 09:43 AM
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Location: Atlanta
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Thanks for all of the signups so far, guys! We should have new builds coming at least once a week for the next two weeks. Don't forget to send feedback to contact@secret-library.com!