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03-15-2012, 01:00 AM
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Whoever said the pricing debate would go nowhere is probably right. It's priced low for the PC wargame crowd, and high for the iOS crowd. I don't see where there's a middle ground to agree on.

For better or for worse, now that Square has (successfully) opened the door to semi-full-priced titles selling on iOS, I suspect many of the full-game ports will adopt this model.

I just hope that for every one of these, there'll be another <=$5 Majesty or Ascendancy

Anyway, I'm going to take the plunge on this. It looks like a pretty awesome game, and if the worldwide community on something niche like this is actually measured in the thousands, that's more than you can ask for from most titles.
03-15-2012, 01:03 AM
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Thanks to jonnycache for the heads-up on Ravenmark, looks good and worth a punt.

I agree the Combat Mission series was (and is) great but also think that this level of complexity would just be unwieldy on iOS.

From what I can see Battle Academy is trying to simulate as many factors as possible but keep it intuitive and I like that ... for this platform.

Doubtless the development effort and polish is worth $20 (given this is the PC game) but the mindset now is, "Yes, but is it worth 4 of those pretty good $5 titles?".

Given most games go on sale in a ridiculously short space of time it makes a knee-jerk purchase tricky.

As an aside I'd like the Lemur app (music control) but $51? I'm still waiting for the sale

03-15-2012, 05:50 AM
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For me it's all about the gameplay. If this is really well done, engaging and with a nice difficultly/learning curve then I'm in. If it's a game that you need to be really into your tactics and micromanagement to enjoy then it's not for me...

So roll on the reviews from those few brave souls who've taken the plunge!

Though I can't help thinking there'll be either a price reduction or sale on this soon - this is priced too high to capture many impulse buys. Personally my impulse-buy level is at around $10. Anything above this, I'll be working through reviews, videos etc and need to be really sure before I buy. Below this, I just mash the 'buy' button and try it out for myself!

03-15-2012, 06:41 AM
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Where are all the snide commenters on the touch arcade release posts, who constantly cry and belittle people for complaining about high prices, you know the ones who weep and bleet blah blah we must invest if we want high end games, the ones who scorn people for complaining about high prices. Where are you?

Nows your time, buy this!

I don't see many people here willing to take the plunge, just more price questioning.

...il purchase this tomorrow to play on a new iPad, hope it works with the new iPad, can anyone clarify that? Looks great and I'm glad to see a decent full game for 20 quid. I will gladly support, in hope more people release games of this quality at this price.

I am tired of the 69p-1.99 regurgitated mini puzzle games that plague the app store every week.
03-15-2012, 08:52 AM
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Originally Posted by jonnycache View Post
How much did you spend on Tiny Tower?

I love TBS but $10 for the extra campaigns on top of $20.99 is taking the michael just a little bit. $20 all in and I would have eventually relented and gone for it but $50 is ugly.

For context look at Ravenmark [$4.99] which is an excellent original TBS game that just released an entire second campaign for free.
I agree about Ravenmark they could easily have charged for all the new content and the even put out a lite version to let you know what you were getting, that would really help in this case

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03-15-2012, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Werechihuahua View Post
Wargames are a niche market.
This is exactly right. Slitherine are already marketing to a small market. At that point, it doesn't matter if the game is $10 or $20. I'd wager that the difference in the number of buyers would be marginal. As has been noted, this is a game for more serious war gamers. As Werechihuahua noted, this download version of Battle Academy carries the same cost regardless of platform. The cost is the same because the game is the same.

Originally Posted by Werechihuahua View Post
Combat Mission Beyond Normandy, Afrika Korps, and Barbarossa to Berlin are great games. Still on my HD after all these years. You ain't playing them on iOS.
I had a thread on Battlefront about this. The basic response was that the CM:BO engine is old and brittle; the costs involved in getting CM over to iOS would be too great and the market too limited to get a reasonable ROI. It's too bad, because like others here, I'm a big fan of the CM series. My brother and I especially enjoyed the PBEM aspect of the game!

Changing gears, my original question about how BA compares to CM were based on some of the trailers I've seen. For example, I saw troops that can occupy houses in a city and attack from there; the tank movements remind me of CM as well (except the movement speed is super fast). I was also trying to understand the "realism factor" in BA as compared to CM. Basically, I wanted to know how good of a war game is BA, and is the AI smart? Is there the notion of fog of war? How does the BA scripting engine work? While BA looks to be a turn-based & hex-based war game, the trailers make it seem more fluid than that. So, those are the types of things I'd like to understand.

Actually, I didn't' realize that I could download a trial version of BA for the Mac/PC, so I may try that and see for myself. I'd definitely plunk down the $20 for a really great war game on iOS...it just needs to be a really great war game!

03-15-2012, 03:41 PM
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BA vs CM

The Combat Mission series are unique beasts, the turns are planned like a turn based game but the simulation is executed in real time. The only other games to do that are imitators like Panzer Command Ostfront. Battle Academy is pure, old school IGO-UGO. The format is made for PBEM and simplicity. Units perform reaction fire automatically and intelligently so that there is no interaction required during the opposing player turn.

The movement for units you see in the videos are simply animations to make it more accessible to non-grognards. The game would be as good with static models as far as I'm concerned. In fact I feel that's where Charlie M. went wrong with Combat Mission, spending all his resources on 3D animations and eye candy when the thing gamers want, realism, is hidden underneath and doesn't need a fraction of the horsepower or hardware to run. Shock Force would be a better game, IMHO, with static models and none of the streaking tracers and such.

As to the speeds the tanks zoom around, the animation speed can be changed in Settings to your comfort level.

The AI is totally scripted, and not any brighter than average. You won't find a dynamic, ever changing battle here. The scenarios seem to be crafted to teach a particular lesson of combine arms warfare each. The realism is great enough to reward historical tactics and punish mistakes, while not creating any 'gamey' exploits for people who want to break the system more than play the game. For instance, you see early on in the game the results of the British armor doctrine not providing any HE rounds for the 2pdr cannon. The Matilda II can stand up to massive punishment, and penetrate most enemy tanks in 1940, but against infantry it's firepower is woeful and it relies on close infantry support or gets blown up by close assault.

The game does a good job of showing the relative strengths and weakness of weapon systems without bogging you down in details that a real commander wouldn't have worried about.

I wish Slitherine would show up here. I feel like I'm a salesman by being an enthusiastic player of this great game. Man, I would love to see Panzer Korps and Commander Europe at War on iPad. It all depends on how sales are. If the wargame companies make a profit here, without major hassles, they will bring more and more wargames to the Angry Birds platform. If not, we'll be hoping the big publishers throw us a bone now and then by porting a 15 year old Ascendancy or such from time to time.
03-15-2012, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Werechihuahua View Post
I wish Slitherine would show up here. I feel like I'm a salesman by being an enthusiastic player of this great game.
Don't worry, when you write, "The AI is totally scripted, and not any brighter than average," you're not really selling the game.
03-15-2012, 04:10 PM
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Thanks for that info; I found it extremely useful. It's nice to hear from another war gamer. I've been playing war games on and off since my (older) brother (that graduated from USNA) kicked my rear end on AH games like Luftwaffe! Now that he and I are both a lot older, I can manage to keep pace with him in some war games.

FYI - I downloaded the demo on my Mac and started to play around with it. I like the demo a lot so far. I do see fog of war implemented.

By the way, if the AI is scripted, does that mean it routinely falls for the same tactics (e.g., feint with troops at 1 location and follow up with larger troops at the flank)?

Originally Posted by Werechihuahua View Post
Man, I would love to see Panzer Korps and Commander Europe at War on iPad. It all depends on how sales are. If the wargame companies make a profit here, without major hassles, they will bring more and more wargames to the Angry Birds platform. If not, we'll be hoping the big publishers throw us a bone now and then by porting a 15 year old Ascendancy or such from time to time.
Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Exactly my thinking. I'd like to see games like that as well, but realize I'm in the vast minority. The ROI has to be there for Slitherine and others. I'm going to play the demo a bit more, but will likely buy the game; it looks really good, and supporting the developer so we get more games like this is important.

FYI - any thoughts on the add-on missions?

Thanks again!

03-15-2012, 04:30 PM
Hi guys

glad to see so much talk in the forums here about our recent release!

We understand the price is not what many people exact, but our games only appeal to a certain type of player. Reducing the price does not expand the player base significantly. All it does is reduce revenues to the point development is unsustainable. We were pretty sure the price point would work despite everyone telling us it was wrong and so far we're delighted with the results.

Battle Academy is currently at 19 in the iPad strategy charts in the US. In the UK its the 6th in the iPad strategy charts for revenue generated. Across Europe its top 10. When I looked it was the only app in the top 10 that was not freemium.

We'd like to say a big thanks to all the players who bought the game and supported us.

We have no plans to discount the game. We tried some experiments with pricing on our smaller test apps and found sales didn't help improve overall revenue generated so why mess around with the price and irritate your hard core fan base. Our hardcore fan base is our greatest asset and we do everything we can to keep them happy.

I know the price will put some of you off, but we do know what we're doing and this is why we're one of the fastest growing publishers despite the industry as a whole struggling to survive with casualties every day being reported.

If the pricing works as we hope it will it will allow us to bring a range of deep strategy games to the iPad. So far the signs are very promising.

Best Regards

Iain McNeil

The Slitherine Matrix Group