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Wordi - History of logic game - SOON

03-15-2012, 12:08 PM
Wordi - History of logic game - SOON

Greetings, my name is Vordi, I from a city "Dark blue", our village very beautiful, round a small village are located dense mysterious wood, we it name "Sleepiness" - speak, there there is the especial place, everyone who there gets, passes into nothingness. … for 50 years "Dark blue" vanished an order of 7 times, in the childhood to me the grandmother told about it, as a fairy tale for the night. It was always interesting to me, truth it or not? Early in the morning, when my Mum still sleeps, I have decided to visit this place. Having collected not the big sack with meal, I have gone woodward, after an hour, I have reached it where disappear "Dark blue" - but that I am unusual haven't found out: a green grass, the same trees, having roamed not much on district, I have sat down to a tree, unpacking the meal grasped by self. Suddenly whence in the glade center has appeared dark blue a cloud pouring in white shades. I have risen, and on the sly began to approach to "Regional eye", it me have bewitched, I went directly to it on a meeting … a step … another … and I inside …. I have appeared in any solar place, подомной a fluffy green grass … o-o-o-o horror …. Giants big to extremities, about something talk in beautiful language, but I don't understand it. I have tried to return back through a cloud, but it doesn't start up me, once again as … - learn human language, and you will return – the cloud has told to me – and has changed my dark blue skin color to the wooden. Continuation follows....
Source: http://www.idow.ru/upcoming-ios/188-...skoy-igry.html

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