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iPhone: Word Poker - the word game with a unique twist

03-19-2012, 04:30 AM
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Word Poker - the word game with a unique twist

Scramble and twist your brain to beat your opponents at Word Poker - a unique and fast paced word game that tests your word making abilities!

Word Poker, the word game with an exciting and unique twist, gives you a chance to flaunt your vocabulary prowess. So if you love word games as well as the simple thrill of poker, you are going to love this one!
Once the cards are dealt and you think you’ve got a good hand, go ahead and raise the stakes! Think you got a terrible hand, well then fold! Once you are done with all rounds of betting, the countdown begins and you’ve got to make as many words as possible to win the round and the money before time runs out!

Features in Word Poker:
•FREE to play with 10,000 chips
•You are up against 3 Competitive opponents… the highest scorer wins
•You can choose whether you want to bet high or low
•Learn new words with the built-in dictionary
•It’s integrated with Game Center

Go ahead, download this game today and prove yourself to be the ultimate Word Making Champ!
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03-19-2012, 07:05 AM
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03-19-2012, 02:03 PM
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Not a bad game. I've played three hands so far and there is a good challenge to it.

You have a hand of five cards unique to you and then five more cards are laid out that belong to everyone. After some betting you then have two minutes to make as many words as you can. Winner gets the pot.

That's the basic idea and it works well enough, though a few things stand out that I'd like to see worked on...

First off, having ten cards along the bottom of the device means that you have a good chance to hit the wrong card, or (do to some hit detection issues) no card at all. I found that the third card from the left seemed to give me trouble on each hand.

Then, when you realize your mistake you can only get rid of cards one at a time. I'd love to see any option to dump them all at once. Give both options. Sometimes I messed up at the beginning and then had to slowly make my way back.

The game needs a good visual clock to know when you're running out of time. A blinking light or some other clue would be great to tell you that you have only a little time left.

The betting mechanism is week. You merely decide if you're in or out. You can bet the $100 or double it, but that is it. It would be nice to have the ability to bet different amounts.

Oh, and online play would be fun.

But these are just a few things on a wish list. I think there is a nice idea in this game and it's very much worth the free price of admission. A few little tweaks will make it even better.

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