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The Keep of the Lich-Lord iPhone version by Megara Entertainment will be out shortly

03-19-2012, 06:25 AM
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The Keep of the Lich-Lord iPhone version by Megara Entertainment will be out shortly

** Special launch price during the first month after release 4.99 USD **

Hello dear toucharcade users

After Arcana Agency, Fabled Lands I and Fabled Lands II, Megara Entertainment will release in a few days on iPhone its new game, "The Keep of the Lich-Lord"

Product page on iTunes (HD version link, iPhone version is still in review but should be released shortly, maybe later this week) :


This is a complete overhaul and conversion of the original Fighting Fantasy gamebook which took Megara Entertainment 7 months of work using a variant of our Fabled Lands engine ; we also made 100 new 2D artworks, dozens of sound effects and (that's new to our engine), some animations. The game is around 300 MB.

Community page with pictures :

Thank you for your attention, and we hope you enjoy our game.

Mikael LOUYS
GM, Megara Entertainment

More pictures from the game here on the official minisite:


Based on the masterpiece gamebook series "Fighting Fantasy", a new 2D RPG adventure designed by Megara Entertainment (Fabled Lands iOS apps) and written by legendary authors Dave Morris (Golden Dragon, Dragon Warriors) and Jamie Thomson (Way of the Tiger).


Vognar Keep has fallen to a deadly foe. The safety of the northern continent of the Fabled Lands is threatened once more by the forces of Evil! After two centuries of peace the dark necromancer, Lord Nydaedus of Hagor, has returned from the grave to rekindle the flames of war in league with the Reavers, pirates of the Unnumbered Isles, and with his own legions of foul undead warriors.
YOU are a mercenary, battle hardened and cunning. You will need all your skills if you are to penetrate Vognar Keep and destroy the threat to the land.
Many dangers lie ahead and your success is by no means certain. Powerful adversaries are ranged against you, and it's up to YOU to decide which route to follow, which dangers to risk and which foes to fight!


Fantasy 2D RPG/Gamebook gameplay
New story twists - not simply a re-print of the Keep of the Lich-Lord Fighting Fantasy gamebook
Almost a hundred high resolution colour artworks, animated and optimized for your device
Find new magical items for your inventory
Play as the Rogue or Paladin character
Rules and battle system based on our successful Fabled Lands apps by Megara Entertainment
Wonderfully orchestrated score and immersive sound effects
Accessible character sheet at all times during reading which auto updates
In-game map
Save your progress when you reach the right milestone

"Fabled Lands LLP are pleased to announce that Megara Entertainment has released The Keep of the Lich-Lord for iOS, based on a Fighting Fantasy gamebook written in the 1990s by Jamie Thomson and Dave Morris. We are keen to see whether a 100% complete, standalone, plot-driven gamebook story, with a well-known title, written by highly acclaimed authors, can thrive in the iOS gamebook app market."


"Loving this and though as a stand alone experience it's fantastic. Don't hesitate to try the Fabled Lands 1 and 2 iOS apps by Megara Entertainment. The series is so engaging and has some great gameplay that will give you many hours of fun, and enthrall you. I know it's sucked me in hook, line, and sinker. Hope they continue to release adventure games like this."
03-19-2012, 10:02 AM
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Instabuy when the iPhone version is out!

I'm very much looking forward to seeing how the FF title looks/plays in the FL engine...

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Worst idea ever!