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App description: **Supports iPhone 4+, iPad 2+, iPad mini ONLY. Requires iOS 5 or later**

Pocket Gamer Bronze Award Winner!

"Dr. Jolt is a simple, clever, and fun game." - Gamezebo, 4/5

"This addictive game will provide hours of entertainment to anyone that uses it." - The iPhone App Review 4.5/5

Discover the next evolution of puzzles by helping Dr. Jolt to activate his crazy contraptions!
Shoot electricity from your fingers and use your power to create chain reactions and dazzling light shows.
Place relays, focus beams, lightning rods, light detectors and other fantastic objects to achieve your objective
lighting up the lab.

Give your mind a quick jolt with this shocking puzzler!

Key Features:

* 4 worlds and dozens of mind-bending levels
* Each puzzle is designed to test your problem solving skills
* Outstanding graphics and light effects
* Over a dozen unique game objects to play with
* It's FREE!
* Easy to pick up and play, challenging to master.

See what our players are saying about Dr. Jolt:

"Unique game with amazing graphics."

"I love it and I spent hour after hour playing it."

"Great looking game. Polished graphics and very fun puzzles. A must try!"

For more information, visit us: www.sidekick.co.il

Sanuku's comments:

03-07-2013, 04:05 AM
Joined: Jun 2012
Location: USA
Posts: 13
Game Impressions

I made it into 2-21 before I ran out of energy. The battery recharges pretty fast, so not a hassle to wait. I used the included recharge and made it another 6 levels. It gets challenging once you start having to avoid the red lights that suck up the electricity. I will 3 star the whole thing, but I enjoyed the puzzles, the UI and the feel. The one issue is when you try to turn the beams, some energy is wasted as they move towards your finger rather than staying still. It's something to watch out for, but overall a solid game that is lots of fun and doesn't need an internet connection (I played it on a long plane trip).