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Swordigo treasures walkthrough & Strategies - highly spoilerific!

08-04-2012, 08:26 AM
Originally Posted by Littlebunnie View Post
Plleeeaaase help me! I'm in the Worlds End Keep (95%)and I just got the key from the maze with the Magic portal fireballs. Where is the door that that key goes to? I can't find it anywhere??
When you pass the two statues, defeat the corruptors and use dragon's grasp to pull yourself up.

Upon landing on the first blob, immediately shoot the purple blob to the right and continue up. Land on either ledge, but continue left and enter the rift gate.


this is a complete walkthrough that helped me a lot, it explains step by step what you have to do. you are in part 2, destroy the source of corruption, worlds end keep.

hope i could help you, sorry for my engliss
08-04-2012, 08:31 AM
Originally Posted by queenc View Post
Cheers for the help but I've been to both places !
did you go into the house that is closed? somebody is standing infront of it and saying: somebody closed my house! or something like that. you have to get some of the vases and pile them up and then jump over the house.

08-07-2012, 01:30 PM
Read a few pages(too lazy to read more)
Page 36
Rowdy:For the columns that shoot one fireball you just have to time slashing them right and you should be able to dash and get up to the next one after deflecting 1-2 fireballs.As for the one which shoots 2 at second or third column you just have to wait for first fireball then smash slash non stop like attacking a enemy and you will deflect both fireballs then dash like the others.

psj3809:Not sure what you did wrong, i took it to him and a cutscene started immediately.

Taeles:If you mean the big guy with sword i just beat him normally without potion if you meant the boss after him then i fought him to about 30% without using pot and then i had 1 health left and i ran all the way left to the end if you stand there he will somehow be unable to attack you he will leap at you but turn midair and slash the other way same as when he hit ground he will turn and dash right then come back doing the same thing so i just waited for like 3-4 health then went in and did the job.

Xapped:Not sure what you mean i ran through every platform in game using dash without getting hit,guess it's timing?The moment the platform rising dash toward it until it rise high enough and that's probably fasest you can get and don't jump and you can make it.(It worked for me)

p0nd77:If you mean that huge room with a hole in celling that spawns constant bats and a tall statue blocking a key,then you have to go to the higher platform at left then double jump(Don't try to double jump as far as you can to right that way when you can shoot dragon's grip you would be ABIT too low) first go to bottom jump left right in circle to lure both the bats to you then don't kill them after that jump left like i said to higher platform then double jump focusing on going higher not in a direction(Left or right) while moving right alittle because if you don't after you hit the statue and fly down the bats will be below you and it won't be pretty).Also i'm not sure because i didn't try but the energy shot might work this way too?I used dragon grip myself anyway after first hit it lowers alittle so you don't have to try so hard it gets easier.

SwordigoFTW:I can't remember which part your talking about but it's usually either higher or lower,try jumping down then using double jump while going down and most of time you can see something you usually can't while at ground then you fall off and lose alittle health,or if nothing is down try double jump around the room and see if there's anything higher,dragon's grip or other stuff if you see something usually you need to get something as footstool.

TheDirtyDiddler and everyone else who doesn't know where to get last 1%:First off if you have 99% BECAUSE of not getting a treasure somewhere then go find it urself with enough prodding around you can find it.As for those who collected everything yet still has 99% it might be because you missed something at end like i did,after i completed game by beating last boss i went to main page and saw mine at 99% and realized what i read here at this post happened to me so i went back to that suspicious final room with a portal and gate before you enter the last room of the boss,why i say suspicious?Because when you stand on the portal do you hear some kind of slashing sound non stop and at bottom of your screen something is slashing the air?That's where most people missed,go to the entrance then jump down kill that skeleton,then move on,this next room just a bunch of easy cakewalk with little enemy going to hurt you bad if you beat the final boss and at end there's a miniboss like those boss you find at big rooms and after you kill em a treasure chest comes out.And that's it you get achievement for exploring all places if you have gotten all treasures before coming here for people like me who likes to go through every place a few times every area i go to make sure i miss nothing,this room is definitely the last room you would go because it's the last room before the final boss.And if you guys have come to this room and gotten all treasures but the achievement is still at 99% have you entered ALL buildings including in greyhedge village the one house which has the front entrance barricaded,at the top of the village,im pretty sure that one counts too.Just need to get the pots at right side and stack em think you need 1 or 2 then jump past the roof of house then go through the house from behind.

Slofanto:Is it that big guy with a shield and sword?Most of those guys does the same thing except their health is different,you just anticipate when he's gonna slash then jump behind and slash while he's trying to slash,sometimes your too late and he turns then you just gotta do the same thing except don't jump behind just dash,slash once or twice while he's preparing to slash then jump away and repeat same thing also works if you shoot the basic magic bolt while he's trying to slash.

Page 92:

Zarth61:You get it from the great caves(or was it the fiery depths i forgot)Since i'm a weird guy i managed to get to the snowy slopes first before even getting into fiery depths and realized i was missing a spell after i realized i couldn't jump past the first part of snowy slopes and saw a purple blob at the celling.So i went back found fiery depths and ninja-ed through the pool of lava at chamber of power like some sneaky people did,just because i'm a weirdo who likes to see what this and that leads to and i'd jump down a cliff to see where it would lead.Like that place in great caves,it's easy if you are like me instead of being confused and dropping endlessly,just drop into every hole and enter every entrance or hole you can find that isn't in the the middle.

jenandlaw:Nah i think not,mine is closed as well and mine is also at 100%.Also tried looking around to open it but no switch around,i think it's just stuck that way because the people who made this didn't feel like adding focusing on what happened to the kingdom of florennum because even though you hear the story at end says kingdom is becoming a happy place again,if you go to the dungeon,the king and his guard is still trapped in prison and the guard is still going on about "Help us!" and the king went silent.So they just want you to know that swordigo kicked butt and someone with as much royalty as the king doesn't deserve the minimum attention to at least remove them from their cells after swordigo beat the boss who imprisoned them.Haha so yeah.Also i don't know where to find the trinkets so don't ask me,other then the fire one you buy from shop,probably because of my weird personality to see it all i pretty much took all treasure and explored every place on my first try and so i don't know where i got the trinkets from i just got them some place without noticing.By time i did it was after i beat fire boss which i put them on then.
08-07-2012, 01:44 PM
Missed stuff

Originally Posted by Bytebrain View Post
Right, I'm going out of my mind here.
I can't for the life of me see any treasure chest on this one screen level, but according to my attached map, there should be one.

Can someone help, please?
It's the only one in the middle of the screenshot with a black star...

Forgot to reply to you is it Evernight Forest?Because if it is i specially went back to check it and it's right of the place where there is two shell shroom guys who shoot ball things,after you go right there's a path that leads up with 2 footholds and a way down that seems to make you think your dropping down is suicide but if you jump up the foothold you might notice there are more footholds at the right below the ground,usually you see something through a wall below a ground or anything that sometimes means you missed a path,now go down that hole then go right and it's right beside a tree,the chest.Not sure if it spawns after killing a boss because i can't remember any area i passed so yea just go there it'll be there or a boss will be there and kill it and it will appear.
08-08-2012, 04:20 PM
Originally Posted by severina View Post
did you go into the house that is closed? somebody is standing infront of it and saying: somebody closed my house! or something like that. you have to get some of the vases and pile them up and then jump over the house.
cheers for the help finnally got it found a place i had not been in the lair of death !!! 100% still got to decide if to keep it now hope something simlar comes out soon
08-11-2012, 04:51 PM
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Can someone help me with the fire boss? He is the one that throws the fire balls and you have to pull him with the dragon grip and slash him... I can make it to 50% then I die in like two seconds!! Can I have some tips????????
08-12-2012, 07:57 AM
Originally Posted by jared9876 View Post
Can someone help me with the fire boss? He is the one that throws the fire balls and you have to pull him with the dragon grip and slash him... I can make it to 50% then I die in like two seconds!! Can I have some tips????????
buy the armour and then put the pruple trinket on it, it gives you health back. then try and hit the fire boss as much as you can, and when you have neraly no life, go to the left or right bottom corner and stay there. there his big balls wont hit you and you just have to be careful about the little fire balls.
08-17-2012, 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by jared9876 View Post
Can someone help me with the fire boss? He is the one that throws the fire balls and you have to pull him with the dragon grip and slash him... I can make it to 50% then I die in like two seconds!! Can I have some tips????????
After you get him down to 50%, and the fireballs start rolling in from either side, you can hide under the right "up and down" platform and let your hearts recharge. The fireballs from the right don't roll onto the middle platform like the ones from the left do. The fireballs from the left pop before they get to you hiding under that platform. The main boss shoots fireballs at you but they almost always hit the moving platform over your head before they get to you. If you do get hit, you can just run back under there and let your hearts recharge.

Buy a potion before you try this level in case you're almost done and get knocked into one of the lava pits. You can get out, but only if you have enough hearts left to last until you jump and double jump your way out.
08-17-2012, 12:53 PM
List of Swords and Their Firepower

I went through and played every sword from level 1 to level 8 to record their firepowers. See attached chart. I have no idea why anyone would care, but I was curious.


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08-28-2012, 09:06 AM
Hello everyone, I'm hoping to find help for this great game!

I'm actually in the Great Cave, in screen 29 on the walkthrough map, and the puzzle there is driving me crazy. There are three lamps on the ceiling that apparenty need to be lit. On the upper left, there is a monster throwing rocks and a block with an evil-like face. When I lift the block and make it touch the rocks the monster throws at me, they transform into ball of lights, and *I guess* that if these balls of light touch the lamps, they will light them up. I've been jumping around randomly for like 30 minutes and got 2 lamps to light on, but the furthest one the right is still unlit. Does anyone has any hint or sureway to lit the last one before I throw myselft in the window out of frustation?

Thanks in advance.