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iPhone: TapMatch is Out + 10 free promotion codes!!

05-15-2009, 08:00 AM
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TapMatch is Out + 10 free promotion codes!!

Hi All,

TapMatch is one of the simplest, most honored and challenging puzzle games ever!
Squeeze it all into the amazing touch screen world of the iPhone and iPod touch....

Find several hidden objects buried in cute cartoon drawings.
Race against time while cartoons fade second by second!
Challenge yourself to score big!
Tools are available and helpful but see what happens if you abuse them!

- Three difficulty levels with different hidden objects.
- "Magnifier" helps you locate hidden objects easier.
- "Flashlight" slows the fading of big pictures.
- "Save" and "Quit" keeps your progress.

App LinkThe link just put on is wrong ! here's the right link!)


Bison Studio

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05-15-2009, 08:04 AM
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i'll leave an itunes review later
05-15-2009, 08:04 AM
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Took top one, RMAYPYER7WPW

Will leave comments later, sizeable download (32.8 MB)


Various thoughts...

Not a problem but usually called 'Help'
"You can change it by push. Then find it in the big picture." Sounds a little non-englishy and the text is quite small. How about... "Swipe left and right to choose a picture, then Tap Match it!"

I really like the fading effect- don't remember the pages of the magazine doing that Nice upgrade for the 21st century! It's really quite nice to play; it's fun. Good, low key music. It's fun to make a match and see the item highlighted. The last item does not highlight prior to the "Well done, round completed!" popup box. Could the final item be highlighted as well? Then maybe a completion sound (Ta Da!!), a little delay, then the popup box?

The 'save' disk icon (on the playing screen) is a little different. It takes you back to the main menu and then you press 'Load' to return. Almost seems like a good place for a play/pause button (and it could save in the background when you pause) but it is a way to get back to main menu. Should the disk icon be replaced with 'Menu'? Then it auto saves and the main menu has 'Resume' instead of 'Load'? Eh... whatever it works well enough I guess.

I don't remember these magazine pages well (but I do remember them). Was being the color blue a big part of it? I have no idea. Would there be a way in settings to select a different color? Right now it's all about blue. Maybe in settings, pink could be selected to change the color scheme for girls. It's a nice blue, maybe offer a nice pink as well. Or green for alien children.

It would be nice if it had persistent naming. Entering it over and over shouldn't be needed. Can it be set to enter a capital letter first? Or maybe just all caps? It's a kid game. In fact a graphical A-Z interface for entering a kid's name would be a nice touch - feels pretty plain, colorless, and generally qwerty for a child.

'bonus per round' Screen
This screen seems antiseptic, scientific
"bonus per round" maybe... "End of round BONUS!"
The word 'residual' is probably not the best in-game word to use for the tallying of bonus points. It's a kid game right? How about... "Magnifying Glass (maybe just the pic (larger, prettier)) x 10", "Flashlight (maybe just the pic (larger, prettier)) x 10"... just some thoughts.

All in all I'd say it's cute, fun, and works well. I wouldn't mind listening to it being played by a little one in the back seat (or by my wife). 4 out of 5 I'd say, polish it some and it could be even better.

Thanks again,


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Thanks alot!