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iPhone: Car Jack Streets FAQ

05-15-2009, 09:23 AM
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Car Jack Streets FAQ

Added in a seperate thread so you don't miss it in the main game thread...

Q) Can I carry more than one weapon at a time?
A) From update 1.1 onwards, you can carry all five available weapons at once. Simply tap the current weapon icon (just below the health bar) to cycle through your weapons. If you run out of ammo for a weapon you will loose it so be careful!

Q) What kind of weapons are available?
A) There are five weapons available in the game; Machine Gun, Shotgun, Grenades, Rocket Launcher and Flamethrower. Each has its own characteristics and uses, so finding the correct weapon for the right situation is important. We expect to add more weapons in future updates.

Q) Are there any power-ups available in the game?
A) Dotted around the city you will find certain power-ups that will make your missions easier, such as:

• Gang Power-Up – This spawns two of your fellow gang members who follow you around and shoot at anyone that threatens you. They even get in and out of the cars with you.
• Ammunition – Extra ammo for your current weapon
• Health – Does what it says on the tin, restores you to maximum health.
• Disguise – This will reduce your Wanted status to zero.

Q) How many types of vehicles are there available?
A) There are 23 types of vehicles in the game. Ranging from street sweepers to sports cars and many more. There are even some hidden vehicles that require the player to achieve a specific felony score to unlock and from update 1.1 we are adding a tank and helicopter!

Q) Driving seems really hard. Are there other control options?
A) Yes. In addition to the default analogue and digital control schemes from update 1.1 on we have added a ‘wheel’ control option. If you are struggling with the main control scheme you might want to try this – it’s selected from the Options menu before you start the game.
We do recommend that you practise driving for a while before trying the wheel control option. Make sure your left thumb is resting between the left/right arrows and slide your thumb left and right to turn your vehicle. The further across you slide the quicker the vehicle will turn!

Q) I keep crashing when using the “Turbo” button. Am I doing something wrong?
A) All the cars have a top speed without using the turbo. This will get you from A to B for most missions without trouble (as long as you stay on the road!). The turbo is useful when the police are chasing you or to get a good bit of speed before a jump. With experience and as you understand the characteristics of each car, you will find it easier to drive at turbo speed.

Felonies and Ranking
Q) On the Felony screen there are three shields with cash values ($100k, $250k and $500k) on them. What are these?
A) These values represent the amount of cash you need to earn unlock a new vehicle. When you reach that level the shield will change to show the vehicle unlocked. The three vehicles are:
• $100k – Clown Mobile
• $250k – Band Van
• $500k – General Lee

Q) What are the “Hidden Packages”?
A) There are 50 Hidden Packages scattered across the city. If you collect them all before July the 3rd and register by uploading your score to the global rankings leader-board you’ll be entered into a great prize draw. More details will be available at www.carjackstreets.com

Q) How do the rankings work?
A) Rankings are categorised into Weekly, Monthly and All Time; and are separated by your territory. Every time you upload your data, your score is compared against others playing the game in your territory. There are no bonuses or unlocks gained from the ranking system, it is simply for bragging rights.

Q) What are all the felony achievements and how do I complete them?
A) There are ten felony achievements in total and each one has three ranks (Punk, Thug and Pro). These are:
• Top Gun – for total amount of kills with a weapon
• Car Jack – for total vehicles jacked
• Gang Bang – for gang members killed
• Career – given for the length of time the game has been played
• Hot Wheels – for stealing vehicles and delivering to Kirk’s Autos
• Obesity – for successful daily pizza delivery
• Illegal License – for successful daily taxi jobs
• Keanu – for successful daily bus driving
• Road Kill – number of hit and run deaths
• Donut King – number of 360 degree skids achieved at one time

Q) How do the “Wanted Stars” work?
A) Wanted Stars show how much the police want to apprehend you! You gain a portion of a star for certain felonies such as hitting a pedestrian or stealing a car, other felonies such as shooting pedestrians or blowing up cars will gain you a full star. Killing police officers will grant you 2 stars immediately.
Stars will decay over time (as long as you don’t commit any more felonies), but not at a constant rate. 1-2 stars will decay quickly, 3-4 will take longer and 5 stars longer still.
In addition to the police the mob also keep a watch for you and if you kill their gang members or steal their cars they’ll come after you as well! There is no mob ‘wanted’ indicator so watch your back!

Q) I skipped the mission briefing and I don’t know what to do?
A) If you open the GPS menu and look to the right side of the screen you will see a speech bubble icon. If you touch this the GPS will provide the mission briefing again.

Q) How does the map work?
A) From update 1.1 on the GPS also displays a map of the city. It starts by showing your current location and when you touch on a destination in the GPS the map will then zoom to show where that is relative to your position. Easy!

Q) I’m still short of paying off Frankie for this week but can get anymore missions to appear. What can I do?
A) If you can be patient and wait until the next day, more missions will spawn for you. If you can’t wait that long or you need to pay Frankie today, you can try and complete all the “daily” missions such as driving a taxi, bus or ambulance, delivering pizzas, being a security guard or acting as Paddy’s bodyguard. If all else fails, you can always sell stolen cars to Kirk down at the docks.

Q) I keep failing protect missions, what can I be doing wrong?
A) Make sure you read the mission description carefully, choose the right gun, get a new car and top up your health. Some protect missions require you to drive after someone and protect them from other cars and mobs on the streets. Others will require you to protect a static object from waves of gangsters. Try to position yourself so you are able to intercept and kill them before they can do too much damage.

Q) What happens if I fail to pay Frankie?
A) From update 1.1 onwards you will have five lives, therefore if you fail to pay Frankie he will let you live assuming you can survive his mob hit! He will of course add a little ‘interest’ to your debt for all the trouble! Once your five lives are used up you better make those payments or else it’s game over for you!

Q) What happens when I pay back the full $1 million?
A) Well, that would be telling now wouldn’t it? Suffice to say you can continue to play.

Other Stuff
Q) Is Uncle Murphy really your uncle?
A) No.

Q) Are there any secret objects or missions in Car Jack Streets?
A) Yes. Around the city you will find jumps which can help you evade the cops or give you a shortcut. Also every time you pick up a weapon or power-up there is a chance that you will trigger a rampage type mission. Some rampages are real time dependant and will only trigger at certain times of the day.

Q) I have some great ideas for missions and new features that you might want to consider. Where do I send them?
A) Contact us at: carjackstreets@tag-games.com for general enquires or support@tag-games.com for any technical issues.

© 2009 Tag Games Limited. All rights reserved.

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05-15-2009, 09:29 AM
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You added the mob hit and interest I was hoping for!

I have started two games and got a game over both times because I got caught up with beta testing other games. Now I can enjoy it without stressing about money so much


05-15-2009, 10:36 AM
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Thanks Paul!
This is handy.

I still have yet to actually complete a bus driving mission. Keep failing them on time.

Is there any way you guys could make the daily driving missions a bit shorter?? Pizza delivery, bus driving and ambulance driving all go on for WAY too long to the point where i now never bother even doing them despite needing more cash to get above certain people (no names mentioned) on the leaderboards.

They really aren't THAT exciting so i don't want to be doing them for ages. Making them much shorter would definitely be a massive bonus and add to the pick up and play factor this game offers.

Taking cars to the auto shop is my best source of income cos its quick and spontaneous.

You should add some info on how the GPS works. I found it VERY confusing when i first started playing and it took me a while to figure how it was laid out, but once you get it its actually pretty intuitive and handy.

This is what i figured about the GPS:

GPS menu is used to set way points to various missions.
If you select one mission and then while this mission is active you go and select another you actually fail the previous mission (bug?)

Most missions involve you getting to a certain area marked by the red arrow ay point system.
Once you are there you may be given a new objective. Some times auto GPS is enabled so you need to do nothing. Other times though you have to set your own new waypoint.
In the GPS menu secondary objectives are in gold text.
Careful not to select anywhere else by mistake or it will fail you your mission.
05-15-2009, 10:39 AM
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This is likely a repeat question, but this is a FAQ after all... has 1.1 been submitted?

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05-15-2009, 11:17 AM
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Hoping to submit 1.1 in a matter of hours...

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05-15-2009, 11:22 AM
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I hardly play this game but this FAQ made me want to! I didn't know there were all those side missions! I am sorta holding off playing until 1.1 though...
05-15-2009, 06:23 PM
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Update 1.1 submitted to apple this evening!


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05-15-2009, 06:29 PM
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This is great, thanks! I never realized those green mob things were friends, I thought they were possessed mob men.
05-15-2009, 07:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Paul@Tag View Post
Update 1.1 submitted to apple this evening!

OMG YESSSS! I've been waiting sooooo long...

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05-15-2009, 08:13 PM
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why does CJS keep crashing when i try to play it?

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