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iPad: Our upcoming iPad game is... Sokoban. Here's why.

03-29-2012, 02:42 PM
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Our upcoming iPad game is... Sokoban. Here's why.

Hi. I'm Martin, and fairly new to iOS game development. I did built a few other stuff that got mentioned here at toucharcade, though that is fairly offtopic.

And I don't quite know when or how to start telling a bit about this new game we're developing, but we're very enthousiastic about it, so here goes.

In 1993 or so I wrote a little sokoban game on my dad's 80286. It was called "Complex" and got published on many BBS's (yeah I know, that was pretty pre-internet). Years later I got my hands on pre-smartphone devices called pocket pc's. I decided to rewrite Complex for that, and was surprised to see the game skyrocket to even get nominated for best puzzlegame of the year (old screenshots and more here).

Anyway, as of recent I've gathered a small team and we're working on (yet another ) remake. It will be a free game (as in: completely free, without ads and without IAP) for iOS and the Chrome Web Store.

It strikes me as odd that we're still having so much fun with such a simple and casual game type as sokoban. I wrote our first blogpost about that, entitled

"Gameplay, And The Importance Of Intrinsic Motivation"

It has the first screenshot too, in case you wonder what we have right now.

So while you're still reading, allow me to sum up a few things from the top of my head that is relevant to how the game is going to turn out.

You see, I've come to discover that my own kids are pretty keen at developing things. They love playing games, but the creative process behind that is what they love even more. For a complete topic on that, my post about how my son created a level for EDGE seemed to get quite some media attention on hacker news and cultofmac (yeah, that's my boy!). Anyway, to get back on topic, this backs up my personal motivation to make this game fully kid-proof and alllow all ages to develop levels (together even, if time permits) and share them with friends. Also, tiny details such as putting most interface elements at the top makes an iPad game much more playable for youngsters and their every-so-touchy wrists.

As for audio and text, we've found a pretty cool way to get rid of most (if not all) of the text and make the game completely alien-spoken, and so very approachable to all people of all ages speaking any language. And here's what is so shocking (and logical, in hindsight): by aiming for kids too, the entire GUI and interface stuff gets so much more friendly for adults too, while keeping the gameplay as fun as ever.

Okay, maybe this post of me here is completely *not* how one should start presenting their game out in the open, but forgive me then, I'm really totally new to this. I'm just very motivated to bring this game to iPad in such a way that it will bring joy to a lot of players, young and old.

And here is some artwork for your enjoyment:

Oh, and the name? It's not going to be "Complex", but we haven't decided yet. So perhaps we should start a public inquiry soon.



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03-29-2012, 03:26 PM
I think I've played every premier sokoban game in the app store (and many that were not so good). I have to weigh in and let you know that I will be looking forward to this, and if you need any beta testers, I will be happy to help. Check out the "best of the best:" 'Boxed In (versions 1,2, and 3),' 'Naboko,' 'Pushy,' and 'CosmoNutz.' Best of luck to you.
03-29-2012, 10:04 PM
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Good luck on production! Sokoban is one of my favourite genre, will definitely check this out when it's out.

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03-30-2012, 06:31 AM
you should think of including some iap into this game, if you want to make some money.
If you are not interested in generating any revenue from it and you don't rely on it to make you money then , yeah, make it without iap.