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App description: For iPod Touch 3G+, iPhone 3G+, iPad 1+
In-App Purchases NOT required to play and beat entire game.

Tap, Swipe, Plant, Slide and Launch your defensive against the despicable Nightlings using 21 unique weapons! Don't let the Nightlings get past you and steal your stuff! Each wave gets harder and harder to defend and each level a unique strategy to conquer them! Do you have what it takes?


★★★★ - AppAdvice
"I heartily recommend Nightlings to any gamer, not only for the solid gameplay, but also for the appeal of fending off those bedroom monsters you couldnt when you were younger"

★★★★ - 148Apps
"This is a great title, and players might be surprised by how much fun they have. Its clear the developer has put some effort into this title and it shows."

★★★★★ - AnscaMobile [Game of the Week]
"Not only is it irresistible for children, but great for adults looking fend off a more lovable version of those ubiquitous childhood monsters."

****** AROUND the WORLD ******

★★★★★ - iPhone&More - Neatherlands
"An absolute must have!"

★★★★★ - Apple Insider - Russia
"We strongly recommend to any gamer Nightlings - not only because of interesting gameplay, but also because of childhood memories that the game brings."

★★★★ - Apple178 - China
"the game's sound effects and background music has a mysterious and cute atmosphere, and in cleaning up the monsters you will hear a cute little boy's voice, just listening is very exciting! This is a great casual strategy game!"



- Brilliant in-game video cinematics & epic music score
- Endless gameplay: The game becomes progressively harder every time its beaten!
- Unlock / buy weapons early with In App Purchases (Cheater!)
- 60 unique enemies
- 48 mind-bending levels
- 21 distinct weapons (unlock and buy)
- 8 different stages - 2 Worlds
- 8 ferocious bosses and their minions
- 2 distinct game modes (story and survival)
- 1 amazing, addictive game!



You are a four year old boy named Max and the Nightlings have captured your sister. You must wage a battle to keep them from further invading your world, but you must also make use of any weapon at your disposal to go on the offensive and save your sister.

Making use of various household objects as weapons to fling, throw, toss, plant, and launch at the Nightlings, you must simultaneously work to keep the despicable villains from stealing your stuff! This fast-paced game of strategy and skill will keep your hands clamped to your device and your eyes glued to the screen as you wage your barbarous battle against the Nightlings.

The stage is set. Your heart is pounding.
Will you be fast enough? Admit defeat, and she is forever lost to you. Vanquish the Nightlings, and her safe return is assured!



- Game Center Integration - Achievements & Leader-boards
- New Game Modes for even longer play time!



Facebook: www.facebook.com/NightlingsGame
Twitter: www.twitter.com/shizapp


Please report bugs or issues to info@shizapp.com or post to our forum at www.shizapp.com/forum for immediate attention.

Shizapp Interactive's comments:
Hey folks. Just released my first game in the app store! I hope you all like. Feedback & Critique Welcomed


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04-07-2012, 06:31 PM
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Thanks Ell Tee! Still trying to learn the secrets of App Store success. There are a lot of crazy good games posted in here.

04-07-2012, 06:46 PM
Are there any iAP in the Game?
04-07-2012, 07:36 PM
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Yeah but it isn't required to beat the game.. Just for those who want to unlock and buy things early. You get the full game 8 stages, 48 levels, and 8 levels of survival mode for the price of the game.
04-08-2012, 11:39 AM
Game Impressions

04-08-2012, 01:25 PM
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Thanks for posting that video Sanuku! It is always good to see other people playing the game, I appreciate the support! In the later levels it gets pretty intense as you are confronted by Nightlings that have different, unique qualities that make them challengine and you get some pretty cool and powerful weapons. I plan to add more game modes (Free of course) pretty soon after I take care of some bugs.
04-10-2012, 10:48 AM
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FREE Promo Codes (first come first served)

Hey folks. I just wanted to throw out some free promo codes for the Nightlings. I hope you enjoy.


Please post as you take them so others know which are used.

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Used E9RPRF6WMWX4. Thanks!

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Redeemed FRHWYXF33R6Y thanks!