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Square Enix : worst client support

04-10-2012, 01:00 PM
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Square Enix : worst client support


I want to tell you the bad experience that I had with the client support of Square Enix.

In october, I bought Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light HD for my iPad 2. In this time, the game worked fine in iOS 4.

In november, Apple released iOS 5. And for an obscure reason, the game would not to connect to the Gamecenter. So, it was not possible to play in multiplayer on Internet, and the achievements didn't synchronise with Gamecenter.

I contacted Square Enix support, telling them the issue. They asked me to try a solution (kill the Gamecenter via the task manager, and try to reconnect in the game) but the issue was still there.

After that, they explain me that they cannot do nothing for me, the game worked fine in iOS 4, so, it was not their fault and asked me to contact the Apple support to report the bug. For them, it was a bug from Apple in iOS and not a bug in the game. I tried to explain them that my other games worked fine with iOS5, and that a lot of developpers updated their games to add compatibility with the new iOS version. After one or two emails, they said me that they had escalated the issue, probably to their development team. I hoped a fix asap.

But 6 months later, no game update. So I contacted a new time the Support (yesterday), to ask if they worked on a fix. But they tell me the same explanations : "The game worked fine in iOS4, I have to contact Apple to report the bug, bla bla bla bla."

How a game company like Square Enix can remove their responsability for their game ? They continue to sell the game, but they don't want to fix the issues ?

Do you think it is normal for this kind of company ? Why they don't want to do their job ?

P.S. : Sorry for my bad english. I hope that my story was clear...

04-10-2012, 09:26 PM
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dude, take it easy. once before, i reported a pocket monster copycat issue to Nintendo law department. they even did not give a shit. that attitude really broke my heart.