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App description: A physics-based indie game about a guy falling through his absence of reality, trying to hold on to sanity long enough to unlock the story of his life leading up to psychosis.

Using the devices' tilt, you control your falling ragdoll, trying to touch objects to help realize that this isn't real- it's all in your head and keep yourself from falling into insanity and dying.

You face the many treatments doctors throw at clinically insane patients from the outside such as lobotomies, insulin comas, electro-convulsive shock therapy, antipsychotics and even brain surgery. All of the treatments affect what's going on in your mind for better or for worse.

To control, you simply hold the iPad/iPhone like a steering wheel and tilt in any direction (Hint: Staying near the back wall by tilting back, towards you, is the most efficient way of staying alive). As you're falling, you are losing sanity every second until you go completely insane and die. The goal is to try to touch as many objects as possible to keep yourself alive. Every object you touch is like pinching yourself in a dream- it reminds you that this isn't real, and that its all in your head. You must try to stay alive long enough to unlock the story of how you went insane. As you fall, you will see objects that stand out from the rest of the environment. These objects are symbols of a snapshot in a time from your life. When you hit them, they explode memory orbs, which you collect to progress through the chapter. Once you've collected enough memory orbs (displayed by the meter at the top), you will unlock that memory, showing you what happened at that time in your life that led to your insanity.


Falleritus was designed for iPhone4+ and iPad2+

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Falleritus was designed for iPhone4+ and iPad1+

Support for The New iPad's Retina Display coming soon!
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Falleritus is now available for FREE!!!

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