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04-19-2012, 10:29 PM
Left a review in US store as nickname extremelygamers:
Best Fitness App for iPad
This app is the best fitness app I have ever used on iPad ! Perfect and excellent app to help me keep fit , great help to me which also saves a lot . Impressive and awesome user-interface makes me so easy to get the point and works perfect for me . So many videos and audios of exercises almost for me to study and exercise . I can manage to do all common exercises without a coach now ! Also with this app , it's easy for me to know and keep a track of calories I need and consume everyday , which helps to keep fit , too. Social share feature about fitness achivement is cute and convenient also motivated for me to keep fit . You can get help about fitness via the live-support system built-in app , which is humanized design and considerate. Forget to mention that I love the fitness Magazines and recipes every month , very helpful to keep pace with the latest information ! Love it lol~
Highly recommeded as the best fitness app ! Worth more than the price !
Never miss this app if you wanna keep fit , grab and exercise before its price goes back !

Some features I wish to see in the future updates:
1),Cannot wait for the Retina Display support for the New iPad, must be fascinating;
2),More languages added would be so sweet.
3),More contents about the exercise added, technical words about fitness explanation and common sense added.

04-19-2012, 11:16 PM
Reviewed as danielfanu in the US store

After using the iPhone version for sometime I'm impressed. It is awesome, the best fitness app I've ever used. So I decide to try the iPad version. Like the iPhone version it includes thousands of fitness and yoga exercises and workouts. Each of them come with detailed text, photo and video instructions which could ensure you do each exercise correctly. All these contents are in HD quality. With several build-in tools it can calculate calorie, track my body. The new UI is well designed, I like it although it is a little complicated for me. The preset workouts are good and enough for me. It would be better if it could be updated from time to time. It now became the only workout app in my iPad.
Overall, itís definitely a great app that is worth your every penny, nice job!! Highly recommended.

Something needs to be improved:

1. It would be better if I could setup a reminder in the app to remind me to fill new data of my body in the Body tracker. I always forgot to fill it. And of course it would be better if it could sync with the Calendar app like the reminder of Trainning Plan do.
2. Can you provide a way to export or print the log and/or the graphs?
3. I'm a lazy guy. I ate almost the same food every day. Can you provide a way to duplicate the foods of some day in the past from breakfast to snacks so that I don't have to select them all over again.
4. Can you provide an option to select background music when I'm doing the workouts?
5. Hope it could support the new iPad in the future updates.

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