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App description: Virus Wars is IndieCade Selection 2012!

Virus Wars Free is a free version of Virus Wars a board game that imitates evolution of several hostile colonies of viruses.

Virus Wars reviews and rates

"...a technically proficient, entertaining little game with a good tutorial and a clean interface..." DigitallyDownloaded.net 4/5

"...a great game that you can enjoy for hours at a time..." Pocket Gamerz 9.2/10

"Its simple and designed well enough to be an addictive and challenging game certain to keep you amused for a while." The Indie Game Magazine 81/100

"Still, with its simple concept and complex depths, Virus Wars is ultimately as infectious as its name suggests." Eurogamer.net

"Its a great game to pick up and play in a spare 5 minutes whilst waiting around and playing a game or two." App-Score 9/10

Full version key features

Up to 4 players on one iPhone/iPod!
Damn smart AI! Try to defeat it!
Online multiplayer through GameCenter or bluetooth! Compete with friends! (
Clear tutorial for fast start!
Natural graphics, sounds and feel!

Game rules

Each player can make 3 steps per 1 turn from his corner. Next step can be done in the cell, which is in contact with previous cell occupied by player's cross (virus), or through a chain of enemy's killed viruses. The main goal is to kill all enemy's viruses or to bring to the situation when your enemy cannot make a move.

Garfeild's comments:
Hi, there!

I'm glad to share news that Virus Wars Free has been approved by Apple. Virus Wars Free is the free version of our debut iOS game Virus Wars. Virus Wars is the board game that imitates evolution of several hostile virus colonies.

In Virus Wars we wanted to make a game with "warm and cosy" atmosphere, remembering carefree school days playing "tic-tac-toe-like" games on the sheet of paper. We didn't use any fonts, because they never seems natural. Every title in the menu and on the game field is a REAL handwritten text, made on the sheet of paper, then scanned and turned into spritesheets.

At first Virus Wars seems like a TicTicToe's brother, but it is not so easy to play. The player should choose his own strategy (like in chess). We tried to make really strong AI. AI's algorithm is fully made by our programmer from the scratch and we proud of it.

Taking into account the fact that it is difficult to learn to play fast, we made an interactive tutorial with funny faces illustrated the situation in game (e.g. angry face when enemy is eating players viruses and lively face with fork and knife when player is eating enemy's viruses).

In addition to realistic look'n'feel we have recorded all sound effects by ourselves, sitting in the kitchen with iPod and headphones, using default audio recorder.

Key features of full version:
Up to 4 players on one iPhone/iPod.
Unique and smart AI.
Online multiplayer through GameCenter or bluetooth.
Clear interactive tutorial for fast start.
Natural graphics, sounds and feel.

The main differences between Virus Wars and Virus Wars Free are that there are some limitations in free version:
Only one AI level,
And only local multiplayer on one iPhone/iPod available.

All features can be unlocked from game with In-App Purchase (same price as full game) or you can buy full game at any time.

Virus Wars Free will be available on the AppStore since 19th April.

Full version download link: http://bit.ly/AhT1F2

04-18-2012, 09:31 AM
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Virus Wars Free is already available on Apple AppStore in New Zealand!

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04-19-2012, 08:35 AM
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Yay! Virus Wars Free is available around the world!

I'm sorry, that I'm bumping this thread, but we need your feedback.

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