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Inconsistent Appstore Management means life and death to indies and companies

04-17-2012, 06:18 PM
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Inconsistent Appstore Management means life and death to indies and companies

I came across this article today


and it sort of gave me some pause for thought that this isn't just big vs. small but a very strange inequality that is arbitrary . After the original had 13 million downloads (a big figure) the app was just pulled and a clone not from the same company allowed to take its place.

"For Apple to allow another developer to just steal and make money off of our users is hard to take, and honestly I don't know what to do about it.

"I want the users of iKamasutra to know that we will do anything to comply with Apple's rules to get the app back in the store and supply them with all the updates we have in the pipeline."

and then with this


Of course Google has an agenda here too but in the days of the open web nobody had the right to pull you, consumers had a choice to not to use you, manufacturers had a choice not to make it easy to reach you.

Now a single appstore dude somewhere hidden can kill your app, your company and your future. Isn't that a real problem?
04-17-2012, 09:01 PM
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well for thoose companies offering (bad, dirty, evilish) sex related content where always walking on the edge of apples guidelines..

so when you start to try out how faar you can go.. its not very unlikely someone flags your app and gets you canned..

the thing is not that there are other similar apps but what apps get caught..

but since we are on touch arcade and most stuff is related to games.. most companies are pretty safe.. except they want to make an hooker management game or something along that line..

again this is nothing new.. apple pulled alot of apps even slightly related to sex.


of course transparency would be great from apple.. but then again.. its the usa.. its a kamasutra app with images that might offend some of thoose who have no problem with blown up human bodies but cry evil knevil when they see a female nipple (or worse male one yuck!) ;D

all there is needed to get a app taken down is a few user complaining about the content.. maybe some parents found this app on their kids ios devices and where offended.. whatever..

again nothing new here.. has happend before will happen again.. don't "sex up" your games too much and you'd be ok