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App description: In a world where light-speed jet battles have taken Earth's population by storm, only one man will rise to the top. His name.... "PLAYER ONE". He hopes to claim victory in every duel set before him, and do what no one has done before, defeat the "FINAL BOSS".

From the brand new indie studio "Lost-Ride Studios" comes a game of quick reactions, light-speed jets, retro graphics, and one-touch control.... it's SHOWGUN!!!

The premise is simple: two jets are flying towards one another at incredible speeds. Once they get close, the first to fire at the other jet gets a win. Duels are played best out of three, so take down your opponent twice and you taste victory! Shooting your opponent is achieved by simply touching the correct side of the iPhone. It couldn't be simpler than that!

One-touch action combined with quick duels provides rewarding reaction-based gameplay. With ShowGun's automatic auto-saving, all you need is two minutes to fit a quick match into your busy schedule. Additionally, a 2-player mode is included so you can play with your friends any time!


* Super simple one-touch controls suitable for all ages
* A single player campaign and same-iPhone multiplayer
* A wide variety of jets, some with special abilities
* Fun retro graphics
* Star rankings in single player mode for increased replayability
* One COMPLETELY OPTIONAL in-app purchase. Everything obtained from the in-app purchase can be won within the game itself by playing completely through the single-player mode instead.

LostRide's comments:
ShowGun has been released! In short, it is a quick one-touch action jet-fighting retro game. See below for the full details!

Press Release

Does This Mark the End of Mobile Gaming?


April 11, 2012

HOBOKEN, New Jersey - Industry rookies are proclaiming the end to mobile video gaming with the release of ShowGun from Lost-Ride Industries. These individuals feel that the realistic nature of this just-released iPhone game compares too closely to what real jet-fighters go through on a daily basis.

"ShowGun is a window into another world, a world I want to be a part of," proclaims a close friend of the game's creator. "I've already broken two phones thinking the touchscreen was just a glass window covering the entrance to this amazing new world! It didn't even occur to me that I can't fit through my phone." And he's not the only one who's enamored by ShowGun, there's at least two more people who feel the same. And here's why:

ShowGun offers:
- Super simple one-touch controls suitable for all ages
- A single player campaign and same-iPhone multiplayer
- A wide variety of jets, some with special abilities
- Star rankings in single player mode for increased replayability

Where should the mobile games industry go from here? How can you build a more realistic jet-fighting game than ShowGun if ShowGun is the perfect jet-fighting game? "That's a real good question," responds ShowGun's creator. "I imagine it might have something to do with virtual reality, or haptic feedback, or any number of fringe technologies gaining mainstream appeal. But for now, since the world is not ready for the realism that ShowGun contains, we've added one more feature to the game:"

- Fun retro graphics
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Edited out appinfo (yes it is )
Hilarious description btw, but maybe add more about gameplay, or at least another gameplay screenshot.

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Wow, that appinfo tag is nice!
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Just added a new screenshot (I'm guessing it'll take a while to cycle through apple's system and then here), thanks for the advice! I'll look at editing the description too
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Game Impressions

04-19-2012, 04:05 AM
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Shame this game isn't getting much attention. It's a pretty great reaction game. And just when you think it gets repetitive, they mix it up a bit with planes having unique properties.

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Hmmm i love retro style games but it just seems this one doesnt have much to it. Love the graphics/sound, was hoping it'll be more like the planes duelling in Combat on the old Atari 2600. Would love it then
04-19-2012, 08:42 AM
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Thanks for the comments!

I 100% understand concerns around shortness and not having much 'meat' to the game, which is why I made it free. I'm happy as long as people can get some enjoyment out of it, and I'm glad everyone has liked the 'retro-quality' of it so far
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This is a great, but short game. I am bad at reactions obviously, and I can tell from this game. It has shown me the truth! I can see my future!!! Thank-You LostRide!!!!!!!!!!!

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