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05-13-2012, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by iANiMeX View Post
You must re-install the app to create a new account. There is no log out option in the game.

If you've logged in using a Facebook account on your first account, you cannot make another account on that same Facebook account. You can make another Facebook account and use it as a log in option or just create a new account without a Facebook account.

Having a Facebook account is better than having without. You can load your save file linked to your Facebook account on a different iDevice or when you've restored your iDevice. Using without Facebook will only save your progress locally or in your iDevice. So when you've restored or didn't make a full back-up of your iDevice, your progress will be deleted and you will have to start all over again.
I've logged in using Facebook and there's no point in creating another Facebook account just for a game. I guess the devs should really add in a restart account function if anyone screws up while playing the game, just saying.
05-13-2012, 01:05 PM
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Week #4

Tips, bugs, and suggestions:

First I will start off with the bug, as I continue to play, the game sometimes don't open for me. Other times it does. If this gets fixed, I can find more useful tips and suggestions for everyone.

Next my suggestions:

When I do get to play the game, it is fun. I love playing the gamble room to win extra money, but what I have learned is. When you win big in the gamble room, hurry and deposit your money in the bank and play with a little money at a time because your money shows up on the duel screen and a lot of people will attack you to grab the money from you. That's one way of being smart in the west... LET'S DRAW!!!! I GOT YOU PARTNER!!!! EHHHH!!!!

Another suggestions is:

When I got passed the loading screen, I hurried and entered mktwp100 for 100 free points. Yes I got excited for getting them, I hurried and looked in the store for good cloths for my bloody western guy. Now it feels like no one can beat me. So what I am trying to say is, get the 100 free points and find what's best for your character and duel for good stats . Don't forget to do quests to get extra money too, look for the cheapest quest, but pays out a lot of exp.

Useful tips:

If you play the game a lot and decide to get time off it, don't because your going to logg on one day and notice your stats are horrible. I played awhile and got off for awhile for my finals and when I got back on, my stats were getting horrible. So I decided to play everyday when I have time and my stats are better than they use to be. So that saying, DON'T GO BACK TO REALITY, PLAY BLOODY WESTERN TO KEEP THE OLD LIFE ALIVE ONCE AGAIN.

More Week #4

Store, then go to ride:

There are nothing but horses and buggies in there, save up a lot of money to buy one or get a higher rank to buy a more expensive one. They only give you extra health and gives you travel movement, to go to different parts in the map, so choose what one fits you best.


#1. Notice: Tells you what update is going to come out. Also, tells if the sheriffs or outlaws have won the fight and how much they have won for winning. Last, tells you the Exploration Completion and what rewards you have got for completing them.

#2. Duel: Tells you who attacked you, by showing there user ID and how much money they have taken from you, from attacking you. Also, tells you how much health they have taken from you too. This is a way to take revenge on the people that have attacked you and take what is already yours. THERE LIFE'S!!!!!!!

#3. Robbery: Tells you who robbed you and how much money they have taken. Also, shows how much health they have took away from you, after they have robbed you.

So, don't let this happen. Level up and take revenge today and show everyone who is boss. Let them know your not the one to get fu#%$% with.

05-13-2012, 05:52 PM
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An Analysis on Quest Ratios

Hello, in order to find out which quests are the best to do for money and experience I decided to do an analysis and see which ones provide the most! I will all the quests in the order in which they appear. The Bolded quests are the ones that provide the best, most efficient experience or gold. Blue means best gold, while green means best experience. A red means in my opinion, the overall best quest in the quest line.


Sheriff License Acquired - 100 Gold/Energy : 1 XP/Energy

Training for a New Sheriff - 50 Gold/Energy : 2.5 XP/Energy

Test - Assembling Firearms - 40 Gold/Energy : 1.4 XP/Energy

Test - Shoot a Bottle - 83 Gold/Energy : 0.66 XP/Energy

Training a Guard Dog - 60 Gold/Energy : 2 XP/Energy

Patrol - Patrolling a Town - 143 Gold/Energy : 2.1 XP/Energy

Drinking Time - Bottoms Up! - 100 Gold/Energy : 2.5 XP/Energy

Helping with Farmwork - 185 Gold/Energy : 0.71 XP/Energy

Cleaning a Stable - 150 Gold/Energy : 0.7 XP/Energy

First Mission - Arresting a Pickpocket - 200 Gold/Energy : 0.8 XP/Energy

Interrogating a Pickpocket - 200 Gold/Energy : 1 XP/Energy

Investigating De Facto Power - 166.66 Gold/Energy : 1 XP/Energy

I chose Drinking Time - Bottom's Up! as the best overall quest in this quest line mainly because it is the only quest to offer 2.5 Experience/Energy in all the quest lines I've encountered so far. Because of this, I constantly go back to this quest in order to squeeze out some extra experience in order to level up.


The Way

Reinforcing Patrols - 166.66 Gold/Energy : 0.58 XP/Energy

Driving Cattle - 300 Gold/Energy : 0.6 XP/Energy

Extinguishing the Fire - 357 Gold/Energy : 1.43 XP/Energy

Mission 2 - Arresting a Drunkard - 150 Gold/ Energy : 1 XP/Energy

Shooting Competition - 400 Gold/Energy : 0.6 XP/Energy

All-nighter at the Office - 500 Gold/Energy : 0.83 XP/Energy

Checking the Firearms - 250 Gold/Energy : 0.5 XP/Energy

Murder Investigation - 200 Gold/Energy : 1.33 XP/Energy

Patrolling the Town Outskirts - 500 Gold/Energy : 0.6 XP/Energy

Pursuing the Outlaw - 200 Gold/Energy : 0.48 XP/Energy

Transporting a Captive - 333.33 Gold/Energy : 1.16 XP/Energy

Investigating Position of KillMe Gang - 200 Gold/Energy : 1.25 XP/Energy

This quest line offers a decent amount of gold making quests and offers decent experience. Because of this, in my opinion the Extinguishing the Fire quest is the best because it offers a positive experience/energy ratio and still gives a decent amount of gold.



Collecting Taxes from "Chorus" Bar - 500 Gold/Energy : 0.75 XP/Energy

Duel with Sheriff Bill - 166.66 Gold/Energy : 0.83 XP/Energy

Dining with Community Leader John - 77 Gold/Energy : 0.85 XP/Energy

Ambushing KillMe's Position - 100 Gold/Energy : 0.7 XP/Energy

Escape! - 375 Gold/Energy : 1.125 XP/Energy

Surviving the Desert - 125 Gold/Energy : 0.7 XP/Energy

Training a Wild Horse - 125 Gold/Energy : 1 XP/Energy

Using a Rope on a Cliff - 429 Gold/Energy : 0.71 XP/Energy

Bloody Fight with a Wild Animal - 277.77 Gold/Energy : 0.77 XP/Energy

Pursuit at Hades Valley - 100 Gold/Energy : 0.8 XP/Energy

Identifying Herbs and Poisonous Weeds - 625 Gold/Energy : 1.25 XP/Energy

Returning to the Office - 500 Gold/Energy : 0.9XP/Energy

Identifying Herbs and Poisonous Weeds was a pretty obvious choice to choose as the overall best quest. This is because with one click, you gain 50,000 gold. The Gold/Energy ratio is very high and still offers you a positive experience/energy ratio!



Getting a Special Promotion - 100 Gold/Energy : 0.5 XP/Energy

Love and a Prostitute - 200 Gold/Energy : 0.48 XP/Energy

Trafficking with a Gang - 333.33 Gold/Energy : 0.66 XP/Energy

Another Murder Investigation - 700 Gold/Energy : 0.45 XP/Energy

Pursuing the Suspect - 364 Gold/Energy : 0.63 XP/Energy

First Kill - 466.66 Gold/Energy : 0.53 XP/Energy

Welcome Party for the Rookie - 666.66 Gold/Energy : 1.33 XP/Energy

Pursuing Train Robbers - 385 Gold/Energy : 0.5 XP/Energy

Massive Shootout - 555.55 Gold/Energy : 0.31 XP/Energy

Stop the Bleeding - Transanimation - 720 Gold/Energy : 0.52 XP/Energy

Burying a Comrade - 416.66 Gold/Energy : 1.25 XP/Energy

Learning How to Snipe - 400 Gold/Energy : 1.14 XP/Energy

Welcome Party for the Rookie really takes the cake here. Not only does it offer an even higher gold/energy ratio as the last quest line, but it also has an even higher experience/energy ratio! However, this whole quest line has proven very profitable and pretty much every quest will get you loads of money fairly quickly.

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05-13-2012, 06:25 PM
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Here are some tips for beginners or anyone who is tired of waiting. I tried to make this as succinct as possible. This way more people can get into the game and enjoy it right away. I apologize as some of this info no doubt was presented in the detailed discussions already.

1. Log in with Facebook. If you haven't done so, you can go back to settings to add FB log in. You don't want to lose your progress. Time = money!

2. Outlaw or Sheriff. No big difference. If there are more sheriff (I am guessing) then you may gain an advantage during special events.

3. The goal is to level up without waiting. By so doing, you will replenish Action point, Move point, Duel point, and Health point such that you don't need to wait for items to slowing replenish over time.

4. Gold is needed to upgrade equipment but will be plentiful as long as you keep leveling up.

5. Action point is the most useful of of the Skill upgrades. It allows you to perform quests which is much faster than dueling to level up. Get the Bracelet in Equipment/Deco for 100 Action points. Every time you level up, you gain Skill points. Spend it on Action point upgrades primarily.

6. When you have available Action point, go to Quest mode. Look at the ratio of remaining EXP and Action point. You want to deplete EXP to zero and use up the Action point at about the same time. You can deplete up to 2.5 times EXP with each Action point. Do some math so you balance between the highly efficient "Drinking Time - Bottoms Up!" quest with other quests so you continue to level up without waiting while still completing other quests over time.

7. Pick someone that you can beat in Duel mode. Look at their attack and defense skills rather than their rank. Touch the red target asap. You can still lose even if you are faster if they have better skills points. Use Duel to make up the remaining EXP points to level up. You will need a few Health skill to keep Dueling.

When you follow my suggestions, you will level up to "The Way" without spending time waiting for Action point/Duel point etc to replenish slowly. You will pick up the many intricacies of the game (Events, Lotto, IAP, Business, StrongBox, Gamble, Lodge, Movement, etc) along the way or you can read through the entire thread to see what others have to say.
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Originally Posted by IcingDeath View Post
I've logged in using Facebook and there's no point in creating another Facebook account just for a game. I guess the devs should really add in a restart account function if anyone screws up while playing the game, just saying.
True. I've already suggested a Reset function before specially if you want to start all over again if you've messed up something on your game. I don't know why they didn't add it.

Bloody Tips

How to Level-up your Rank fast - Rank is the main requirement to be on the World Ranking List. You can also become a WANTED player which people will see when they move to a different location in the World Map. Having a WANTED rank will make you famous and also will put you on the top of the food chain. The Gold Reward placed on your head will be generated by the Game's Server based on your Wanted Rank.

To gain Rank fast, you need to have at least 30-50 Duel Pounts and 200-300 Health Points. You can gain more Duel Points from Equipments. Some Equipment have bonus stats for Duel, Action and Health Points. Always check the Equipment before buying to see if there is a bonus stats. You can also gain more Health Points by buying a Higher Level Ride. Duel and Health Points are the main requirements before taking a Duel. 1 Duel Point and a certain amount of Health will be deducted each time you make a Duel whether you win or not.

Fast Rank Guide


A. Equipment with Bonus Duel Points. (Optional: Higher ATK & DEF only if you're High Level)
B. Have 30-40 Duel Points. (Acquire more by doing the above)
C. Have 200-300 Health Points (Buy a better Ride in the store)

1. Start by finding an opponent in the Duel mode which is lower than your ATK and DEF power. If you cannot find one, you can also check your friends if they got lower ATK and DEF than yours. You should also check if their faction is different than yours. Battling the opposing faction will give you more NOTORIOUS Points when you win. So fight Outlaw when you're a Sheriff and vice-versa.

2. Spend all you Duel Points in the Duel Mode to the same person. If your Health Depleted first, try going to the Refresh menu and use Lodge with Half or Full Health Points Recovery depending on your Duel Points remaining.

3. When you're all out of Duel Points, do the Early Fast Level Trick I've posted in the first page of this thread or do the second Fast Level-Up for Mid Level 100-150 or Fast Level and Gold trick for the 150-300 Level. Just look for my previous post regarding the Level-Up tricks.

4. When you Level-Up or gain a Level, your Action, Duel, Movement and Health Points will be restored. You can now take another set of Duel mode until you deplete it all. Just repeat the process until you gain the Highest Rank or when you're satisfied. This is the fastest way and only way to Gain Rank as high as you want without waiting for the timer to refill you Duel and Health Points.

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what a game...thank you mobicle
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More Bloody Tips

Perfect use of Equipment - You can master the use of an Equipment by following this tip. Equipment can really be helpful on Quest, Duel and Defending your Properties or self. There are 3 ways to put your Equipment to good use.

Right Equipment for Quest - You don't need any ATK or DEF when doing Quest. You only need Action Points to take missions in the Quest. The best way to maximize or have lots of Action Points is to only Equip Equipment with bonus Action Points. You can check the bonus stats of each Equipment in the Store by touching it. Only Buy and Equip Equipment with Bonus Action Points to have a lots of Action Points to use in the Quest and to master a mission fast.

Right Equipment for Duel - Duel Points and Health Points is the main requirements in the Duel. You will not need a higher ATK or DEF if you want to play a Duel for boosting your Rank. You only need to Buy and Equip Equipment with bonus Duel and Health Points. Check the store for each Equipment Parts and see if there is a bonus Duel and Health Points. You can ignore the ATK and DEF power if you only want to boost your Rank since you can also fight lower Level or ATK and DEF opponent and gain the same amount of Notorious Points needed to Level-Up your Rank. Just only fight lower ATK and DEF opponent in the Duel or just fight with your friends on your list with the opposing Faction.

Right Equipment for Defending your Properties and yourself from others specially if you're offline - If you are going offline or quitting the game, you need to switch to an Equipment with high ATK and DEF power. You don't need the additional boost on Health, Action Points and Duel Points when defending yourself offline. Just buy higher ATK and DEF power Equipment in the Store to defend yourself specially your properties if you're a Sheriff.

So the right thing to do is have at least 3 Set of Equipment for each part with different Bonus. This is the best and correct way of using your Equipment. Just follow my tip and you can become the most Notorious Player in Bloody Western in no time.

The use of Friends - Adding Friends are useful to gain additional ATK Damage in Duel, having a Western Points Reward by completing the Achievements for Adding a certain amount of Friends and a requirement before you can take a certain mission in Quest mode. You can Add friends in the Social Club menu. You can also add the players in the VIP list. So add more friends to gain more ATK Damage that will be helpful in the Duel mode.

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A Guide to Making Friends (in Bloody Western)

Many times, I have found that even though my stats are much larger than other players I duel, they still manage to have the edge and beat me. After much time, I realized that when this happened, most of them had many more friends than I had. In order to combat this, I decided that I would do all I could do add as many friends as possible. Hopefully these tips will help you add quite a bit more friends in order to find success!

How to Add Friends:

First things first, in order to add friends, you must know how to do it. To add a friend go to the Social Club and then tap the button Add Friends. At the top of the screen there should be a black, empty space. Tap the space and then enter the username of the friend you want to add. Then tap the button add.

Adding Friends:

Now back to the best ways to add friends. First off, the most obvious way would be to tell your friends in family about Bloody Western. By getting them to play, you can then tell them to add you. However, this may only work for a few people, which is why I came up with some other ways to effectively gain friends.

The best way to gain a couple of friends extremely fast is to simply go back to the Social Club and once again tap the Add Friends button. On this new screen, there should be a VIP CODE USER LIST. This list includes people that you can immediately add by tapping the Add Button. By doing this to everyone on the list, you can easily gain 20 friends within about 2 minutes. However, if you still want more friends, there are even more ways!


Another way to add friends is to simply use the Touch Arcade forums to your advantage. On the forums, there is a thread made specifically for adding people on Bloody Western. On this thread, the developer posted quite a lot of ID's of people that you can add. After you are done adding these people, feel free to post your ID to the thread and add other people who have added their ID to it. By doing this, you can gain around 30+ friends! Also, another way to get a couple more friends would be to advertise your ID by putting your Bloody Western ID in your signature.


Finally, the last way you can get quite a bit of people to add you would be to use Facebook! Go back to the Social Club and then tap the Facebook button. When you do this, you can immediately write a message and post it to your wall on Facebook. By doing this, you are showing everyone you know about the game, and also providing an ID for them to add. You can also message others on Facebook about your ID, and by being persuasive enough, you can stockpile loads of friends! By using Facebook, you are also able to maintain your account on multiple devices. Facebook's advantages for the game are incredibly beneficial!


Hopefully by adding all these friends, the results will appear obvious. By having multiple people added, not only will you be able to defend yourself, but you will be able to conquer in duels! Hopefully this advantage will provide a great opportunity to rank on the leaderboards.

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bloody western rundown
1) Choices we make
When you start the game you get to choose between Sheriffs or Outlaws each one having the potential to be in the gray area.

After making that choice you have an even more important choice of Class.

Pay close attention to your selection of class because they may very well determine your success or failure in the game.

Greed or Luxurious
Excellent for collecting gold, meaning picking this class ensures that you will receive more gold than you usually would with the other class. You get (Gold +1%)

An example of this being right at the start of the game you have $1000, during the tutorial your first quest yields $1000 but picking this class will instead give you $1111.

Another thing is that in your very first Duel you can win without doing anything.

If you're plan is to have the most money and buy the most expensive equipment as a means to an end then this is the best choice for you.

Diligence or Righteous
Excellent for performing quests
With this as your choice time is subtracted from your Action Points timer, so you'll always take less time to recharge those points than the other classes.You get (Action Point-10 seconds)

So after using an Action Point/ Points to do Quests the timer will always start with 10 seconds less on the clock.

This class also wins the first Duel without doing a thing.

If Quests are the key to your rise to fame and power this class will get it done fastest.

Devil or Violence
Excellent for Dueling.
The perfect choice for the real gunslinger as time is subtracted from your Duel Points timer, so you'll be back to your next Duel quicker than the other classes.You get (Duel Points-10 seconds)

So after each Duel win or lose the timer will always start with 10 seconds less on the countdown.

If you plan on being the most Notorious/Wanted man alive this class is for you

These choices can't be undone once there chosen so think about what type of player you want to be before making that decision

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The Ultimate Guide to become the Most Notorious Bloody Western Player

This guide will help you to become the most Notorious Bloody Western Player. It will help you to choose the right faction, class and a lot more.

Choosing the Log in - The best and most recommended log in option to choose is With Facebook log in. Using the Facebook log in option is very helpful specially if you've restored your iDevice or want to play or resume your progress on another iDevice. You just need to choose the Facebook log in again on another iDevice to resume or load your progress from your other iDevice. The Without Facebook option doesn't save your progress on the game's server so you will not be able to resume or load it again when you've restored or played on another iDevice.

Choosing the right Faction - There are 2 Faction in this game. Outlaw and Sheriff. Sheriff is the best option in my opinion because you can buy properties with this Faction to gain extra Gold which you need to buy Equipment. Outlaw on the other hand has Robbery function. Outlaw Robs from the properties owned by Sheriffs but they need to first defeat the Sheriff owning the property before they can steal their property's income. Sheriff can easily gain Gold by waiting for a set amount of time for each properties they own to receive an income or Gold. Sheriff still need to defend their self by equipping a Good set of Equipment to defend themselves from Outlaws robbing them.

Choosing the right Class - After choosing Sheriff as a Faction, the best combination for this Faction is the Righteous Class. This Righteous Class gives you a less 10 Seconds on the cooling time of each Action Point. Action Point is the best stat in this game to boost or max out. Action Point is required for taking Quest. There are some Missions in the Quest that will help you gain quick Level-Up and quick Gold gain.

The other 2 Class only gives you less 10 seconds in the cooling time of each Duel Point (Violence) and 1% Gold gain (Luxurious) which I think is pretty useless.

Turning off animation to speed up the game - In my opinion, it is better to enable the Skip Quest Animation in the Option menu. This will skip some cutscenes in the game and will speed-up the game specially if you're doing a Quick Level-up trick and Gold gain.

Spend your Lotto Points first - Before going any further in the game, you better start spending your 25 Lotto Points first by clicking the LOTTO button. You can either spend it on Gold (1 Lotto) or Skill Points (2 Lotto). This mini-game is pretty simple. You only need to have 3 cards with the same number or amount to win. The multiplier also randoms each try. It's better spending your Lotto Points on Gold to have 25 tries. You might be lucky and get up to 1 Million Gold from this. Also remember that you can receive 5 Lotto Points everyday by just playing the game. You will not receive a bonus 5 Lotto Points if you didn't open or play the game daily.

Enter Event to win Skill Points and Gold - You should also check and see if there are available Events to enter first before going any further. You can check and join Events by clicking the Event icon in the middle part of the game (Check image above for location.). The Mine Event gives you 2 Skill Points each time you win and the War Event gives you an amount of Gold depending on how many players joined the Event. The War Event is a battle between Sheriffs and Outlaws. The most Faction joined the Event wins.

Getting Started - Quest - After completing the Event and Lotto, you can now start by going to the Quest. Master quest one by one starting from the top. Always remember to allocate Skill Points earned only on Action Points. You will be needing a lot of Action Points specially in the Chaos and later Chapters in the Quest. So be sure to only allocate Skill Points Earned after Leveling-up to your Action Points.

When you reach Level 7 and have at least 10,000 Gold, exit the Quest and go to the Store. Click on the Equipment and click or select on Deco. Buy the Indian's Necklace for 10,000 Gold. This Equipment will give you a bonus of 100 Action Points when equipped. This is a must have item.

After buying and equipping the Necklace, you can now proceed on Mastering the Remaining Mission in the Rookie Quest or try the Early Quick Level-Up Trick and Gold gain by doing the Drinking Time: Bottom's Up! mission again and again. The Drinking Time: Bottom's Up! only cost 10 Action Points but rewards you with 25 Experience and 1,000 Gold. This is an Early Quick Level-Up Trick and Gold gain. Repeat this mission until you're satisfied with your Level or just alternate this with the other Mission to master the other mission without waiting for your Action Points to fill-up if you are running low on Action Points. You can also take a Duel if you are low in Action Points. Each Duel gives you 5 Experience Points.

You should also do the Quick Rank Level-Up Trick. Rank is the most important part of this game. Having a higher Rank will place you on the World Ranking. You can check your place in the World Ranking by going in the Social Club and selecting World Ranking. Also, if you've gained a certain High Rank, you will become a Wanted player. Becoming a Wanted player will boost your popularity and also, other players will be hunting you to get the Reward Gold placed on your Head by the game's server. You should see my previous tips on how to avoid being hunted or defending yourself from attacks if you're a Wanted player.

Earning More Gold as a Sheriff - Sheriff is the best Faction to gain more Gold. Sheriff can buy properties in the Business menu. Buy as much property as you can with your Gold. You can also buy the same property again to gain more income on that property. Each property has a certain amount of time before you can get your income. Be sure to grab your income at the said time or else, Outlaws might rob your property's income specially if your ATK and DEF power is low.

When you've grabbed your income from your properties or gained Gold in the Quest, you should also try depositing your Gold in the StrongBox located in the Refresh menu. This is a must specially if you are done playing and wanted to quit the game. Players can steal your money if you've lost in a Duel or in a Gamble. Your player will stay online even if you're offline. So always remember to deposit your Gold in the StrongBox every time you want to quit the game. You should also remember to go back to the game when an Event finishes specially if you've joined the War Event that rewards you with Gold if your Faction won.

NOTE: Don't spend your Western Points on anything this early part of the game. You will be needing a lot of Western Points in the Chaos Quest Chapter. You will be needing these Western Points to replenish your Action Points since most of the mission in the Chaos Chapter requires more Action Points but only give less Experience Points. Western Points will be required in this part to advance to the next chapter. You can still advance to the next chapter even without using any Western Points but it will be a slow and long progress to finish this chapter.

Just remember this early tips on Mastering the game. Also read my old tips on how to gain a bigger amount of Gold and Experience Points in the later part of the game. You should also read my tip on how to perfectly use an Equipment for different occasion. Just keep on playing daily and you can become the Most Notorious Player in Bloody Western in no time.

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