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Maythius's comments:

I own every single rhythm game in the appstore (including japan only) and this is single-handedly the BEST rhythm game in the appstore imo.

What separates it from the rest is that the notes are actually "key-sounded" which means pressing a button actually makes the sound.

The music appears to be all from the EZ2DJ (EZ2on) series

It also feature two gameplay modes:

- Circle Mix: a mode that is similar to Ouendan and DJ Max Technica
- Line Mix: a mode that is simiar to your traditional beatmania/ DJ Max game (5 Key only though)

The app is free to download and comes with three songs. You then have to purchase points to buy more songs in the game.

Important notes: you can play a 30 sec sample of any song (currently 100) you don't own in any gameplay mode and any difficulty.
Every song you play (that you own) gives you 10 points for clearing the song for the first time, and 20 points for getting an S rank for the firsttime. These points can be used to buy more songs.

If you guys have any questions feel free to ask me
04-20-2012, 09:50 AM
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i have to try this out

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