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NOVA 3 - Gameloft

05-09-2012, 01:02 AM
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Does the game play more like Halo (NOVA2) or does it play more like MW (MC3)? I'm just curious because I thought NOVA2 & MC3 played/felt very different. I personally prefer the more Halo style since it's not common in the app store.
05-09-2012, 01:09 AM
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Originally Posted by L.Lawliet View Post
Does the game play more like Halo (NOVA2) or does it play more like MW (MC3)? I'm just curious because I thought NOVA2 & MC3 played/felt very different. I personally prefer the more Halo style since it's not common in the app store.
I think from the latest trailer that the game plays more like Unreal or maybe Halo than MW. It really seems fast paced.

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05-09-2012, 02:34 AM
05-09-2012, 02:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Sanuku View Post
YouTube: video
Damn, it looks so polished! First day buy from me!

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05-09-2012, 03:16 AM
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Originally Posted by JBRUU View Post
Aww what a shame...its a big pain to reach far
up on
the iPad's screen to reload, especially during a fast paced multiplayer game. That's a big bummer.

Is there a good enemy variety? Did gameloft skimp on the AI so it's unbelievably stupid like mc3, or are the enemies reasonably intelligent (ie nova2 or mc2)
You can change controls and placement. So dont worry, JcMan7 is wrong.

But the enemies are dumb as a brick.

Also Danish review. http://www.gamereactor.dk/anmeldelser/109191/N.O.V.A.+3 with tons of pics (and customized controls )
05-09-2012, 04:58 AM
for people who don't know danish I will translate:

master Chief's closest competitor is back on iOS, and Lee talks about the latest adventure featuring some surprises among all the familiar.

Split my topsail, it was a rag doll effect. These are some of my first words around NOVA Third No one hears them, for I am all alone with my iPad. Perhaps it is very good, because besides that I used the word ragdoll, so there was probably a lot more profaniteter contained in the sentence than depicted above. But the fact is that the game for many gamers is that the handheld's answer to Halo has got an earful.

The rumor was that the Unreal engine would be used to NOVA 3, as Gameloft had purchased the license. But it is now clear that they instead have used the experience gained from their work with Unreal to improve their in-house engine so much that it no longer NOVA

Maintained Kal Wardin is still part of the story, but it takes a good while after the last game and this time the adventure starts out on Earth. Or remnants of it. Without spoiling too much of the plot (yes there's a plot and a rather nice one) I can tell that Kal is called to San Francisco as a terraforming project has gone wrong. The place is teeming now with Volterites as NOVA's response to the "evil". Kals virtual female "helmet-voice" is once again with a partner, but this time in a slightly different form. When the omnipotent Prometheus gets wind of the affair, ends Kal to be sent on a true treasure hunt across the galaxy to save humanity (what else?).

After a hard landing on Earth, it's time to look around. In review, it is usually a larger dissekeringsprojekt when changes to be detected from a section of the series to another. And where it normally is like having to look for a couple of needles in a haystack, is it this time as finding a pole firmly planted in hay. And not just a normal lamppost, but a shiny, glistening one of its kind, where the beam color environment while covert rust red scuff marks bear witness to better days. It's really crazy.

How N.O.V.A. 2 was a little cartoon-like version of Halo with a simple color palette, NOVA 3 as Crysis mixed with Gears of War and added a little color struggled from Far Cry. It is mildly impressive. When it while drifting around with effects, one's vision is long and the framerate is stable, it is as I gasp for breath.

But it is not the only improvement. The soundtrack is in fact this time surprisingly good. And I mean not only good but holy-shit-it-works-great-great. When the invisible enemy location, direction is determined by going after the sound, and robot-like creatures cry can do a Star Wars fan weak at the knees, it's fat. Yes, you can still hear that there is a tight budget, but you get seized with voice acting, which certainly has its moments. Kal sounds admittedly still a very macho-like man who speaks in a can, while Darth Vader listening enviously from the sidelines. But now it is even so he says, and it is delivered with a life, particularly for Gameloft games are incredibly rare.

In fact all the characters charming, and their dialogues are sometimes really funny. Like when Cal and an old friend has hijacked a huge Mech and his friend definitely want to talk about one of Kals old flames. The only problem is that Kal points out that a lot of Volterites try to head them, and that conversation may therefore not be about women right there. Companion asks obviously wondering about what the heck Kal will talk about? It is macho bull and it is velleveret and charming. The energy that has gone into voice acting is echoed in empathy, and when the ten missions are over, you sit back with a feeling of having experienced a really great action-adventure.

It is also because there is surprisingly good variation in the environment. To visit a destroyed San Francisco in itself is an experience that feels fresh in NOVA-context, and when the tour then moves on to a huge desert planet (with clear inspiration from Rage in both enemies and design), to continue to almost Mass Effect-style spaceships of alien-infected space stations to deadly climate challenges on lava planets, you are well entertained in the seven to eight hours singleplayer component products.

As with management at both Modern Combat 3: Black Pegasus and NOVA 2 Exports are exemplary. Looking for changes, you will be disappointed, there is virtually no tracking. In other words, single player is as solid as ever, and the same applies to management.
05-09-2012, 05:03 AM
And then it's time for what for many is the main course: multiplayer.
NOVA series is a classic old-school shooters understood the best way. It is wonderfully nostalgic and relatively simple, while it still has the depth that it takes to keep the interest. It's Halo mixed with Goldeneye as you remember it (yes, I mention the Holy Grail). N.O.V.A. has perks and so many options in the content, that you can always find a way to be entertained, whether it be done exclusively with friends locally or online. This time, it can be done with all 12 players at once on six different locations.

The major addition is now, however, that both the vehicles and mechs can be used. Vehicles are in the best Warthogs-style fast sandbuggies with room for a gunner, while Mech-ton machines are bastards with heavy artillery. As always in Gamelofts online parts can be earned points for perks (more weapons, better radar systems, faster reload, and all the usual types of benefits). There is also now more fun equipment like jetpacks to find in the pot. All things can be earned through normal play, and the prices are reasonable. Would you rather buy the parts of this, it can happen for quite exorbitant sums of money (about a fifty, a jetpack cost, while it can be recouped by taking about twenty matches, if nothing else at the time of testing).
As something new, there are now regular competitions. The winner of these will be mentioned on the multiplayer menu, and there are prizes for the top 100. It's a great way to create a community around the game and ensure that the enemy is more than just anonymous players. A number of ready-made messages that can be easily selected from a menu that also ensures that we can thank for the good game, ask people to stay in the group and so smart.

Gameloft shows other words that they are the king of multiplayer, and with tracks which again has good variety and game modes that include virtually all the classic genres are set for a good fight. Capture the Flag, Capture the Point, Free-for-all, InstaGib and Team Deathmatch count the classics, while Freeze Tag uses Kals ability to freeze enemies and create a sort fangeleg players in between.

Which brings me to the last part: Arms Committee. In single-Kal can always generate pressure waves, freezing and low bullet time-killing. Repetoiret of arms has added a wonderful flame-thrower, while shotguns, rocket launchers, grenades, bazookas, sniper rifles, pistols and alien gizmos count the rest of the arsenal. The weapons have good weight and feels right, although there is still a tendency to slightly imbalance of certain weapons (weapons committee can be set in MP, so the problem is not large).
Now there's hardly said a bad word about the game in this review and I must also admit that I had to dig well to find criticisms of the mobile game. For it is thus still a mobile game, although it is approaching a good console quality.

As previously mentioned, the voice acting at times, its limitations, but it's still Gamelofts best-ever efforts. I was through dubbing suffered twice to stick. The one time because I had bewildered myself behind some boxes "because I could" and thus fell through the spaceship. The second time when a door would not open even if the enemies were dead. With regular check-points, it was not the big problem.

There are also some mouth movements are not synchronous with the sound, it is not very often. The Warthog-like vehicle steering requires opposite the cool mechs also some getting used to, but as always with Gamelofts titles can be set to control almost the same taste.

About the future will offer the same problems with hackers who destroys the pleasure of playing MP with nothing but friends are hard to predict, but Gameloft seems more aware of this problem in this game. Is N.O.V.A. 3 generic? Tjoe perhaps, but far less than before. Kal & Co. seems to have found their own form, and the story is with a solid finale is far from stupid.

I am not a second of doubt that this is iOS format's finest shooters that singleplayer portion is solid and the multiplayer is pounding fun. If you're the type who go to see Transformers to the movies and go disappointed away, because there were transforming robots, you might also be disappointed that Cal looks like a generic super soldier that the talks are macho funny that the enemies look wicked off and the shooting gallery atmosphere with snot stupid enemies, who shout the same ten sentences again and again.

My opinion? I myself declared N.O.V.A.-fanboy. And N.O.V.A. 3 has only beaten my love for the series stuck with shiny futuristic hammer home
05-09-2012, 05:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Rip73 View Post
Actually, that is a very good move.
I assume it means that any match a hacker is in, no one gets any xp from that particular match.
Which both encourages people to leave matches hackers are in and leaves the hacker with no one legitimate to play against so the hacks become useless.
Plus if you hack, it would appear you can't rank up and get none of the bonus perks.
At least I hope that's what it means, definitely measures that discourage hacking.
Plus if it's server based measures, the hackers will have greater difficulty getting past them.
I know they will eventually but still I like the simple measure that genuine players will leave a game they are getting no xp in even if they don't notice a hacker in it and leave the hackers out in the cold with only hackers to play each other.
Hope it works.
How will we know who the hacker is during the match? At least it's a start to trying to remove the people that ruin the game.
05-09-2012, 05:56 AM
Can I change my equipment,
my armor and my teamcolor?
05-09-2012, 06:02 AM
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Its in the new zealand app store