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App description: NOTE This is the free version of Wordii, which includes two levels. The very reasonably priced paid version of Wordii includes 30 levels and the ability to save and review your top games.


Wordii is an original word game that's easy to learn, fun to play, and challenging enough to keep you coming back to try to beat your best scores. It is a crossword style game that will feel familiar to Scrabble players, but it introduces some twists that make it much more dynamic. There are 30 levels, each with a unique board layout. Each level can be played any number of times because the letters are chosen randomly.


The goal is to reach all the flags by building words off the starting letters on the board. Words do not count if they cross the thick black lines, so you'll need to plan your way carefully around the board. The most exciting part of Wordii is the ability to swap letters. You can swap previously played tiles on the board into new configurations, as long as only legal words are left when you are done. You may find yourself at what seems like a dead end, only to realize that with some clever swapping you can open up new avenues on the board. You can also use swapping to recover previously played high scoring tiles and replay them to maximize your score.


Wordii has an in-game tutorial on the first level to get you playing quickly. Soon you'll be making "Par" coverage with ease, then going for "Excellent" or even "Amazing" coverage -- or the holy grail of perfection: the completely filled board. There is no penalty in Wordii for attempting to submit incorrect words, so you'll be able to try out likely sounding words, see what works, and expand your word game vocabulary. Throw in some magic wands to help out with the tough spots, plus the ability to review your best games, and you've got the perfect new word game.

LordGek's comments:
As a big fan of Tiny Bite's Gem Spinner, I just happened to be looking at their other releases and uncovered a word game they made back in 2009 called Wordii.

Not only is the game brilliant and challenging, it still runs flawlessly on my iPod Touch 4G, iOS 5.1 machine!

The premise of the game can be described as a single player Scrabble Obstacle Course or, if wanting to get trippier, a quest to somehow fill out a crossword puzzle without questions by correctly fitting answers made from your tray of Scrabble letters. Your mission is to link words together (ala Scrabble) to to cover the given layout's 4 flags. While it initially seems like a pretty impossible task the game lets you freely shuffle already placed tiles around (with the only catch being once a tile is successfully placed on the board, that occupied space can't be left blank, if you want to move the occupying tile somewhere else it must be replaced with another tile that still fits in the space legally).

The dev said he'd pretty much abandoned it due to lack of public interest BUT I figure if we show him some love maybe we can con him into bringing it into the modern era with universal support, Game Center, and other modern touches that have come about in the world of iOS since 2009.

Linked below is the free version which includes the first 2 of the full game's 30 layouts to get a feel what it's all about.

4.5/5 (with the potential to be a 5+ game if the dev were to bring it into the modern era!).

04-22-2012, 01:27 PM
Thanks, and yes, comments please!

My Lord,

Thanks very much for your efforts in support of Wordii. Yes, it's looking old school (and not in such a good way) at this point. But, yes, if people here think the game has legs, or that it could have legs with some improvements, I'd be very happy to hear and would consider revving it.

Tiny Bite Games