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Alien Family chatter - tips, tricks and questions

04-24-2012, 03:51 PM
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Alien Family chatter - tips, tricks and questions

The thread for friend codes has a few questions buried in it so I thought I'd start a dedicated thread to discuss stuff.
What level are people up to?
How many planets have you explored?
What's your best alien?
How strong is it - level and stamina?
Did you do anything special to get it?

My answers to above are that I'm level 22, I'm currently exploring planet patina (1 alien to go), zaturni (1 alien to go), starthea (2 aliens to go), jellion (3 aliens to go).
My best alien is Flora who is currently level 53 with stamina 6677.
She arrived as an unexpected surprise 5 star alien through the standard UFO.
05-16-2012, 12:33 PM
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Don't get the new update unless you don't mind spending cash on this game!!!

Warning: new update has eliminated free premium UFO's. So if you have not updated to the new version. DON'T!!!

I have two devices(well, my iPhone and my wife's iPad, my wife is not a gamer at all). Fortunately I only updated to the new version on one device (level 22 on iPad, doesn't have a 5 star alien). The graphics are much better on iPad now. so I don't really regret updating it.

I still have the older version on my iPhone (level 26, has one 5 star alien). And I still can get free premium UFO's on my iPhone.

So if you add my main account 505071412 on my iPhone, I will send you a premium UFO from my secondary account (if you still have the older version).

Here is the information on my main account:

Level 26, I've finished exploring all 15 planets. I hope they add more soon. My best alien is also Flora(level 53, intelligence: 6649, stamina: 6114). I got her from a premium UFO. If you look at Dr. Edison's alien list, you can see all 7 five star aliens. It seems Keki is the best one judging from the starting intelligence and stamina. But any five star alien is great. You are lucky if you have one. So far out of all my neighbors, I've only seen one guy with 2 five star aliens. You only need one to get though the 15 planets(stages) anyway. After that, the game gets pretty boring. All you can do is improving your village, sending and receiving stars, farming, getting more material aliens to fuse and level up your favorite aliens.

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06-08-2012, 04:12 AM
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Add me! :)

Add me... I need neighbors!!
2060067610 and 2047837918 I send stars daily