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App description: This game is completely free for a limited time
Bullet Sky is an amazing shoot-em-up style arcade game, you start with a basic spacecraft to engage the battle in a variety of different space environments, you can upgrade your aircraft with precious gems that you collected by defeating enemies' aircraft, Bosses has their unique weapon system with the Zodiac sign they represented, once you defeat an end-of-level boss, you can use it as your own ship in the next levels !

- Fantastic stage design and specific end-of-level boss by Zodiac.
- 9 complete stages released (Aries and Taurus), more challenging stages are coming soon !
- Very various stage background and enemies.
- Various aircraft with their own upgrade system.
- Each aircraft has unique main weapon, secondary weapon and bomb effect.
- Secondary weapon and bomb can be upgraded.
- Collect gems of different colors to upgrade your aircrafts.

Strongly recommended for fans Aircraft shooting games like 1942, 1945, Raiden, SkyForce and iFighter series!
This game is not compatible with iPad1

Sanuku's comments:

04-26-2012, 06:45 AM
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Needs relative touch controls... Right now, you can't move unless your finger is directly on th ship... =o/

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04-26-2012, 10:04 PM
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1. If a shooter has touch and drag controls then obviously the bottom portion of the screen will be obscured by the players hand. Having enemies spawn in this blind spot is plain bull
2. There is no music, no atmosphere
3. No variance in individual enemy movement or attacks
4. Bland backgrounds and enemies
5. Completely boring ship weapon upgrades.
6. Ships 2 and 3 are worse than the default ship, 3rd ship especially so.
7. Hurt box is too big (I finished the game on my first go) to weave properly.
8. Ship lag on movement is too big

My first shooter aside asteroids and caterpillar was gradius/ life force on the nes. Download the rm, it's light years ahead in every way except graphics. It's like the designers have literally never played a shoot em up.

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